5 Steps To Practice Before Attempting Yoga Wheel Pose


A yoga wheel pose is quite tough to perform. Moreover, as it requires a lot of flexing and stretching of the muscles, it is better to perform some other steps before attempting the wheel pose. The final pose requires a lot of determination and stamina, but there are five simpler steps that can lead you to the yoga wheel pose slowly. In the wheel pose, you need to push against gravity and form an arch.

5 Steps To Practice Before Attempting Yoga Wheel Pose
5 Steps To Practice Before Attempting Yoga Wheel Pose


This pose uses the strength from your quads, glutes, arms, and core. It requires you to have a very supple back. It can help cure a ‘tech neck’, which arises due to the continuous use of laptops or smartphones. This pose is the opposite of a hunching posture and hence corrects your body posture. It opens up your back and shoulders and also strengthens your back.

5 Steps To Perform Before The Yoga Wheel Pose

Before diving right into this intense pose, you should try the following-mentioned steps:

  • Upward Dog

This pose helps to expand your chest, arm muscles and also your back. You need to lie down on your belly and extend your legs. Slowly get your hands on either side of your chest and rise on your feet. Push away from the floor and form an arch as if your torso rises. Press your feet into the floor. Your wrists should be aligned with your shoulders.

  • Bow

Slowly proceeding further from the Upward Dog Pose, now lie down on the ground flat on your torso. Raise your feet up towards the ceiling and try to hold your feet with your hands stretched. Your form should be like a wheel resting on your torso. This pose helps to strengthen your legs and opens the chest.

  • Locust

Next, from the Bow Pose, try to rest on the ground flat on your torso. Slowly raise your feet from the ground pushing them maximum straight and upwards, while keeping them straight. Also, place your arms behind by the sides. Look at the front and keep your neck and face straight. This pose is great for the back. It helps to build strong back muscles, core, and glute strength. It helps to elongate your spine muscles and also helps in stabilizing the spine.

5 Steps To Practice Before Attempting Yoga Wheel Pose
5 Steps To Practice Before Attempting Yoga Wheel Pose
  • Camel

To perform the camel pose, place your hands on your hips. Next, align your knees and shoulders straight and keep your feet facing towards the ceiling. At the same time, arch your back and slide your palms over the feet, straighten your arms. Ensure that your neck is in a neutral position and not strained while you do this asana. The camel pose strengthens the shoulders and the back. It prepares your back for a more intense wheel pose.

  • Bridge

Get into a supine position and bend the knees. Now bring your soles on the mat at a hip-distance apart. Reach the feet from your arms until your fingers can touch your heels. Next, press your palms and feet on the mat tightly. Lift your hips towards the ceiling, keeping your neck neutral. This pose helps to strengthen the back for a more intensive wheel pose.

Finally, after practicing all these 5 poses, you should perform the Wheel Pose.

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