Yoga Therapy for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health.The pressure of everyday life can start to take a toll on our mental and physical health. Sometimes, it becomes so intense that stress and anxiety start to manifest in our body and most of the time we do not know how to handle the situation correctly.

These emotions that we feel if not controlled can take a toll on our health and how we behave. If prolonged, it can also affect how we treat other people and most especially ourselves. Anxiety is unsettling, and while there are many symptoms of this that we may not be aware of, some have some serious side effects, which can impact how we live our lives on a daily basis.

People with anxiety can always be in a state of worry and panic when they encounter a problem. This is normal, however, it becomes a serious cause for concern when your worries start to interfere with your sleeping patterns and activities throughout the day.  So how does yoga therapy fit into stress relief?

Yoga relaxes the mind immensely and leaves you with a feeling of relaxation and calmness. If you want to try yoga therapy, here are a couple of yoga therapy techniques that you can master, that can help you clear your mind and give you that feeling of instant relaxation. Take a look at these:

Yoga Therapy for Relieving Stress and Anxiety
Yoga Therapy for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Ustrasana Yoga

This type of yoga practice can help release all the stress in your body and help promote proper blood circulation throughout your body. It’s also a great way to calm your nerves when you start to feel anxious, as it is an excellent way to stretch your back and other parts of your body.

Proper blood circulation means more oxygen can flow to different parts of your body, which therefore helps you heal your mind and body of any negative energy that may be pent up in your body.  If you start to feel your spine crack from the stretching, it means it starting to work.

Baddha Konasana

Here’s something great for beginners. It’s not to hard to perform either as it is very simple to perform. This basic yoga pose is designed to stretch the muscles found in your inner thighs and groin.

This pose is best performed with the spine straightened, and keeping it straight while allowing your thighs to relax. By doing this, you release all the tension that can be found in your hips, back and groin.

With constant practice, you will find that it’s one of the best ways to get a quick stretch, and at the same time find peace of mind as you do the pose.

Yoga Therapy for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Paschimottanasana Yoga

Here’s another great pose for beginners and for those who have frequent anxiety attacks. This pose gets rid of stress and anxiety almost instantly. The seated forward bend also helps to open the muscles found in your back and strengthen your legs and spine.

While doing this pose, make sure that you take a lot of deep breathes and keep your back straightened. Try to reach for your toes as far as you can so you can feel an immense stretch radiating from your neck all the way to your tailbone.  The stretch will also help you open up your mind and loosen up your body, giving you a sense of calmness and relaxation after you get up from the stretch.

If done regularly, you will find a quick improvement in your flexibility and overall mental and body health.