Yoga Statistics: Amazing Facts On The Growth Of Yoga


Yoga helps in communication of the soul with the cosmos. The ancient forms of yoga concentrate on the postures. Moreover, modern yoga practices believe in rejuvenating youth. The youngsters and the old generation opt for this meditation for better living. Many experts and trainers open yoga schools to teach the intricacies of yoga. Yoga is not only about posture; it also includes breathing. You need to concentrate your mind for better results. The additions of new forms of yoga attract the individuals. The positions and principles of yoga is not a part of any religious belief. Yoga postures are the replication of nature and its creatures. Regular practice of yoga stabilizes our body and mind. Yoga statistics exhibit the trends and rate of yoga practitioners.

Yoga Statistics: Amazing Facts On The Growth Of Yoga
Yoga Statistics: Amazing Facts On The Growth Of Yoga

Organizations conduct surveys of yoga institutions and collect general statistics. Some of the surprising facts about the growth of yoga are:

The Market Yoga Statistics

Yoga is now one of the trendy business setups. The hectic schedules at home and office force the individuals for some me-time. Moreover, concentrating on meditation is not possible in any chaotic place. Therefore, institutions or grounds are better yoga places. These grounds allow individuals to meditate with others in a calm environment. The ambiance of the area helps you release the worldly stress and tensions. The statistics reveal that average individuals spend up to $62,640 in his lifespan. 44% amongst the total yoga practitioners regularly go to the institutes for practice. 34% of individuals prefer doing yoga in the morning hours. 10% prefer yoga in the evening hours after dusk. 20% of people enroll themselves in these classes to unplug themselves from tech zones.

Growth As Per The Yoga Statistics

The demand for rising is breaking all bounds. Moreover, maintaining and nurturing health and mind is the prime concern. The growing demand for institutes or open spaces enriches the practice of yoga. There is a 64% rise in the number of individuals performing yoga. 47% of the individuals looking for a healthy routine. 37% engages themselves to include wellness programs in their day. However, 16% enroll to de-stress their long day and rejuvenate the soul.

Yoga Statistics: Amazing Facts On The Growth Of Yoga
Yoga Statistics: Amazing Facts On The Growth Of Yoga


There are different levels of yoga for every age groups. The newbies start with the necessary level of yoga. Moreover, regular practice of yoga helps the individuals to try the next level. Moreover, there are certain specific yoga forms for pregnant women, aged people, and kids. 12% practice the advance levels of yoga, 22% follow the intermediate level. However, 64% are beginners in this meditation routine. Therefore, many individuals leave the practice of yoga at the beginning level.

Places Of Yoga Practice

Most of the individuals prefer yoga practice in open grounds or institutes. Moreover, this helps them avoid interference at home. The single dwellers prefer yoga at home in the morning or evening hours. 43% prefer the gym, 38% prefer yoga studios, and 32% outdoor or open spaces. However,  20% participate in yoga festivals or programs.

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