Yoga for Runners: Why is it Important to practice yoga?

“Why would I want more exercise to help cope with exercise?” After all, yoga for runners doesn’t seem so fundamentally different. Both involve stretches, discipline, and consistency for self-improvement. Both seem fairly simple enough to attempt, and both can be done in relatively close proximity to where you live.

That would be the point where it begins to just sort-of diverge. With different objectives, means, and requirements, we discover how running and yoga aren’t redundant but actually improve concurrently with one another.

Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Runners

Yoga helps general muscle development

For the runners reading this, I’m sure you’ve encountered the age-old adage where you can’t dance and run. While the legitimacy of the claim is contested to this day, the principle of the matter still stands. Running uses some of the muscles in your body, and while it does help in general health this leaves a lot of room for improvement.

With common issues like runner’s knee, hamstring pain, and stress fracture, it can be discerned that the general issues plaguing runners are likely due to constant use of the same muscle group. Fortunately, the body doesn’t just let this happen.

Unfortunately, what it does do may not be desirable. The strain gets distributed to other muscles, which by proxy extends to the entire skeletal system. That’s why everything hurts even if logic dictates everything above the waist should be fine.

Yoga helps distribute that burden properly, and the pain brought on by localized workouts can be alleviated with balanced routines.


Yoga Takes The Edge Off

One of the premier selling points of yoga is the ease it offers. This extends to mindfulness and clarity, but would you believe that these grant physical benefits as well? They tend to manifest in the form of superior stability, due to the common and consistent usage of most muscle groups.

It also teaches moderation. For some of the more competitive runners out there this can be difficult to achieve. They’ll feel fine until they aren’t and have to go through arduous gaps in training to recover.

Or they’ll begrudgingly deal with it, though not without heavy reservations that won’t help their relaxation. One of the things yoga can is help drill the necessity of constant breaks, personal maintenance, and awareness of limitations to ensure a smooth cycle of constant progress.

Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Runners

Yoga routines can be tailored to suit needs

It benefits from the expansive and admittedly daunting list of potential techniques. There will always be something to suit your needs, and on the low chance there isn’t just submit a private message to a trainer. Someone will look into what routine would suit you best, based on your time constraints, range of motion, and preferences.

More occasional joggers can dabble in the intensive yoga workouts, such as hot yoga or power yoga. Dedicated runners can enjoy the benefits of Pranayama as a much-needed post-sprint cooldown.

Pretty much everything that applies to regular practitioners apply to runners as well. The key difference is that yoga is seen as a diversifying tool rather than an exercise in itself and can thus be integrated into a runner’s lifestyle with relative convenience. Needs can be met and adjusted to in a practical, effective, and most importantly, relaxing manner.

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