Yoga Ring And Pilates Ring For Better Stretches and Exercise

Yoga Ring Magic Circle Pilates

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A yoga ring is an amazing equipment that can help you enhance your yoga and pilates poses. There are many poses and exercises that require you to have the right posture. Stiffness and wrong postures can lead to serious injuries and permanent pains in your joints. If you want to perform your yoga poses perfectly or enhance your pilates exercises, then this magic ring can be very helpful. You can completely lay your body weight on this ring as it is very sturdy. It is a narrow, wide ring made from wood, plastic or some other materials.

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Benefits Of A Yoga Ring

A yoga ring can help you deepen your stretch and enhance your flexibility, this product offers a very challenging balance practice. It also offers support while performing some difficult poses. It is important to first start with beginner-level yoga poses using the wheel and only then proceed to the tougher ones.

Features Of This Yoga Ring

This light-weight ring is made from a flexible material that can easily give support to the body while performing different exercises in pilates or different poses in yoga. The magic circle increases your body alertness and also enables you to put the right effort into your movements. It helps you relax even while working out. This fitness ring helps straighten your posture and stretch your body properly. This yoga ring is made from PC and TPE material. It features dimensions of 33 x 13 cm. This ring can take a maximum load of 300 kg. It is available in different vibrant shades.

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How To Use A Yoga Ring?

A yoga ring can be used in many exercises both in Pilates and yoga. Some yoga exercises are explained below:

Wheel-Assisted Child’s Pose

Child’s pose enables you to stretch your hips, thighs and lower back in a gentle way. You can use this circle by reaching your arms forward holding the ring on the top so as to stretch your shoulders and chest also while performing this pose.

Reclining Easy Pose

You sit in a cross-legged seated position while performing the Easy Pose. This pose encourages you to focus on your breath and thoughts. You can place a yoga ring behind your back in a reclining version of this pose. This helps you to enhance your chest-opening backbend pose, thereby relieving tension between the shoulders.

Wheel-Assisted Fish Pose

Fish pose is a chest-opening backbend pose in which you stretch your shoulder and pectoral muscles. Using this circle, you can place it behind your back to get a deeper stretch. Spread your arms on either side and remain in this fish pose by placing your heel on the ground. This pose gives you a deeper stretch in your back, hands and leg muscles.

Where To Buy This Yoga Ring

You can buy this fitness magic circle from various stores selling yoga and pilates equipment. If you would rather shop online, then is the best online e-commerce site for selling quality products. You can purchase this product online within a few clicks from your mouse. Has it delivered home without having to worry about shipping?

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