Yoga Pants For Women Smooth Wide Leg


Yoga is very important for so many people out there who want to be fit and healthy from inside and look beautiful from outside. Wide legs yoga pants for women are very important when you are running, doing yoga or performing gym workouts. These yoga pants for smooth wide legs help you during indoor and outdoor activities also. The product is very fashionable and very comfortable at the same time.

Yoga Pants For The Ultimate Fitness

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The pants are very comfortable and soft. The design is very nice and there is no compression for the belly. Thus it can fit any body size or any body type to a perfect fitting. Wearing this pant will create a slim figure look also because of its loose-fitting design.

The product is available in various colors. They have the black, white, red, yellow, pink, blue, green and grey variant. There are different sizes according to the length of the product. The sizes are :

  • 1.small with a length of 90cm. Waistline- 54 to 80cm.
  • 2.medium with a length of 95cm. Waistline – 54 to 85cm.
  • 3.large with a length of 100cm. waistline – 54 to 88cm.
  • 4.X-large with a length of 105cm. Waistline- 58 to 90cm.
  • 5.XXL with a length of 110cm.Waistline- 60 to 95cm.
  • 6.XXXL with a length of 115cm.waistline – 60 to 95cm.


The yoga pants allow you to move freely here and there. You can even perform dance activities also by wearing these pants. For this product, you don’t have to worry about the problem of getting your pants torn while performing any activities. 

People who love to wear clothes that feel soft and allows air passage easily will definitely love this product. The product feels soft on the skin, very convenient to wear. The yoga pants are great for relaxation purpose also. The yoga pants go very well with T-shirts and shirts and the combination looks very fashionable when you are going out to attend parties or functions.

Beautiful Yoga Pants

These beautiful pants will make you forget the tight pants that damage your skin and are uncomfortable on various purposes.

There are various yoga pants in the market which are priced low but are cheap in quality. Their stitches are done badly and open up after using it for a few times. The yoga pants which we are provided you are of the best quality and won’t make you disappointed. Take the size you need out of the size chart and it will fit in properly.

Perform all your day to day activities by wearing this yoga pant and trust me, they won’t be any difficulties with it. It just takes a few minutes to adjust and then it’s ready for use. 


The pants are priced around $31-$32 depending on the size and color of the material. It can be ordered online and takes a few days to deliver. The delivery of the product can be done all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home this awesome yoga pants.

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