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Yoga Meditation Techniques for Beginners

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The mind works in many different ways, some times maybe even too much. Sometimes it’s too busy that we end up jumping from one emotion or idea to another most of our time awake.

Yoga meditation for beginners will help you put those voices, ideas, and emotions at bay so that you can relax and keep calm. Through meditation, you will also learn how to observe your feelings and possibly even be able to change them quickly and effectively.

Take note that the key to meditation is being able to take a step back and observing your thoughts instead of pinpointing them. Luckily, we have a few meditation techniques rounded up for beginners, which you should try for yourself. Here are a few to get you started:

yoga meditation for beginner

Designate a Space for Meditation

When it comes to meditating, it is very important that you find a secure, quiet, and safe space. If you are going to set one up in your house, also make sure that it is not too messy and calm.  Setting up a cozy space will help you get into the right attitude for meditation. Use this space to habitually practice your meditation techniques.

Start by Stretching your Body

Aside from finding a quiet place to rejuvenate and relax your body, it’s also very useful to do a few stretches first before sitting down for your daily meditation exercises. Of course, stretching does not have to take too long, but it can be longer if you wish to really loosen up. Stretching for maybe a few minutes or an hour can help you get into your zone more effectively. The main emphasis of your stretches should be on your spine and neck, forward and backward, and sideways. Even if you have no intention of stretching before you meditate, it still helps to do a little even while you are seated, as it could be very helpful for calming you down.

Be Aware of your Body

yoga meditation for beginners

Yoga meditation is one of the easiest ways to tune out the world around you. One of the first things that you will need to do is bring your attention to your body and breathing. Explore it as if you are really curious to know more about it. Do it with your eyes closed, which involves the cognitive sense of touch as you “feel” your body.

Go through each part of your body like your head, arms, legs, and trunk.  There are many systematic methods to doing this but the most important thing is to explore as much as you can.  While you are exploring, make sure that you also control your breathing techniques as well.

as well.

Concentrate on the flow of your thoughts

yoga meditation for beginners

Since your mind is focused and at ease while you are meditating, use this time to allow your thoughts to run freely without interruption.  Think of it as driving a car, your eyes are focused on the road, but you are also aware of your surroundings.  It will seem hard at first, but once you develop this skill you will be able to turn your thoughts into something positive. Make sure that your thoughts are not too distracting or disturbing, and try to concentrate on reaching relaxation and calmness before anything else. Keep your mind focused on one location, such as your breathing, and allowing those other thoughts to do as they wish, but make sure that you remain a calm. Don’t let the negative thoughts bother you so as not to distract you from calming yourself down. 

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