Yoga Mat With A Sling And Carry Strap

YOGA Accessories Soft and Light Yoga Travel Mat

A yoga mat with a sling and a carry strap is one of the first accessories you should invest in when you plan to practice yoga. It is very necessary that you have a yoga mat that does not slip off the floor, maintains a grip, has the right degree of stickiness and also helps you make a connection with the floor. The added advantage of getting a mat with a sling and a carry strap makes your mat very portable.

Buying a yoga mat from any physical store might get you into limitations. Many stores do not let people try the mats and they often do not have much information about the products. You may end up buying a yoga mat which is not efficient. It is, therefore, necessary to buy this a sling product from a trusted source.

Yoga Mat With A Sling And Carry Strap
Yoga Mat With A Sling And Carry Strap


This yoga mat from is a tried and tested variant. It is a handy mat for those people who love to perform yoga exercises. It can also be used for some other physical activities such as Pilates, etc. This mat is light-in-weight and easy to carry. You can travel and take it along with you as it comes with a sling and a carry strap.

It is made from eco-friendly materials. It also comes with an anti-sliding texture or a non-slip grip. You can use the mat without taking too much space. You can also fold it and place it inside your suitcase while traveling. This portable mat is also versatile. It has a 6 mm thickness, which makes it ideal for yoga.

Uses And Other Advantages

The mat has a cushioning technology and closed-cell foam. The mat has an anti-slip feature and so you can use it without getting injured. It is odorless and also easy to clean and dry. This mat is a simple style. It is available in several different colors and you can easily pick your favorite color while shopping online.

The best part about shopping online is that you can shop online from the comfort of your homes and can avail easy delivery and quick shipping. It features dimensions of 183cm x 58cm x 6 mm. It also comes with a carry strap, so that you can carry it anywhere you go.

Yoga Mat With A Sling And Carry Strap
Yoga Mat With A Sling And Carry Strap

Benefits Of This Non-Slip Yoga Mat

A non-slip yoga mat is an important accessory for your yoga practices. Many mats tend to slip off the floor, causing injury to the performer. Some mats are so bulky and thick that the performer feels wobbly and cannot make a connection with the ground. Some mats are so thin that they easily tear after some time and also do not provide the right cushioning factor.

This accessory is ideal and has been recommended by many yoga gurus. It is perfect in size, feel and texture. It is also quite durable. Once you purchase this mat, you will not have to think about getting a mat for long. With a non-slip yoga mat, you can perform your exercises without any doubt and be confident about your moves and poses.

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