Yoga Mat Lotus Spike Acupressure


Yoga Mat Lotus Spike is the way for you. Yoga is a gift given to the world by India. Many sadhus and yogis used to practice yoga in ancient India hundreds of years ago. It is the secret to well-being. Yoga helps you to live a happy and healthy life. It targets not only physical health but also mental health. It provides you with a healthy body and soul.

Yoga has spread across the globe. Many people in different countries practice yoga very religiously. There are numerous benefits of yoga which are being observed by its practitioners. Daily more and more people have started doing yoga to lead a good lifestyle.

Yoga ensures relief from every lifestyle disorder, which has started to catch up on the people nowadays.

To do yoga, all you need is a yoga mat. This you can get anywhere in your market, or you can also order it online. They are available in different colors and sizes. Also, nowadays, you will find them of different types. You get a flat yoga mat, which is a regular one. You also get a yoga mat with spikes on it for acupressure purposes. So that when you do yoga, you are simultaneously doing acupressure.

Features Of Yoga Mat Lotus Spike

This specially designed mat helps you relax your mind along with the body.

There are many added benefits to this mat. Like decreasing stress, and it improves your blood circulation too.

This will make you much more relaxed and active as you are engaged in yoga and also acupressure.

Yoga and acupressure are a good way of leading a healthy and happy life. So try this product to attain a good lifestyle.

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Dimensions Of Yoga Mat Lotus Spike

Firstly, it is made up of cotton, ABS nylon material.

Secondly, the weight of the mat is 670 grams.

The size of the mat is 66 X 40 cms.

The yoga mat has 6,210 pressure points. They are all densely designed to give your body complete acupressure.

Also, the pillow has 1,782 pressure points.

Moreover, the package includes the following,

Yoga mat X 1

Spike pillow X 1

And a free bag X 1

Utility Of A Spike Yoga Mat

It empowers you to achieve a healthy and flexible body by doing yoga comfortably. The basic purpose of doing yoga is relaxing us overworked muscles.

Yoga improves blood flow in our body. It pushes the blood you every corner of the body for better results. Also, it helps in reducing blood pressure. This will help you get a good sleep at night so that your body gets proper rest, which it requires for optimum usage.

You develop a good immune system by doing yoga. Also, acupressure helps you regulate your mood and behavior positively. Also, acupressure helps you in preventing any back pain and insomnia.


This was all about the Yoga Mat Lotus Spike. It is a great product for yoga purposes. It is a tested and approved product which will help you get a healthy body by yoga as well as acupressure. So, go ahead and order one for yourself.

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