Yoga For Pregnant Women: – What Can Yoga Do For You?


Pregnancy tends to be a rather difficult phase in a woman’s life, with the huge list of do’s and don’ts gradually favoring the latter end up until the actual birthing. The nine-month gauntlet is something meant to be endured as quickly and painlessly as possible, though the absence of coffee, sushi, and other goodies make this far, far easier said than done. Then comes the much-expected sitcom response, delivered with the same listless tone as “airplane food” humor. Have you tried yoga for pregnant women? Badum-tss. Canned laughter. Fade to black.

There’s a reason why that keeps getting thrown around, but not much as to why that keeps getting turned into the butt of a joke. Yoga has a lot of potential benefits, for the low-low price of following some instructions online and clearing your head. Here’s to all the mothers stuck at home, patting their tummies and browsing the web for entertainment. What do you have to lose for trying this out?

And what do you have to gain? Well…

It Lessens Back Pain

Yoga For Pregnant Women
Yoga For Pregnant Women

Not severe pain, of course. You’d be better off with a medical professional nine times out of ten. Anything before that, however, is fair game. The lower lunge, back clasp, and Sphinx pose in particular work wonders with pain relief, while simultaneously improving flexibility.  Keep it gentle, though. This is particularly important once mothers enter their third trimester.

Yoga For Pregnant Women Enhances Relaxation

Yoga For Pregnant Women
Yoga For Pregnant Women

Take a deep breath, right now. Inhale through your nose. Feel the pressure gradually build up in your lungs, then release. Breathe out, gently, audibly, through your mouth. Congratulations! You’ve just done your first yoga exercise (Ujjayi Pranayama). Best of all, you didn’t even have to move! Breathing techniques like this will be an option all the way to your little one’s delivery. They also retain their usefulness once you have to start keeping them in their cribs and crayons out of their mouths.

Yoga For Pregnant Women Improves Mental Health

Yoga For Pregnant Women
Yoga For Pregnant Women

Stretching and breathing aside, Yoga is all about mindfulness. In the previous exercise, you probably felt something dissipate. That would be tension, anxiety, and a good number of other things that get in the way of a good state of mind. This is a very appreciated boon for expectant parents.

Like all good things, yoga should be managed responsibly. Most intensive yoga practices will be off-limits to them, for obvious reasons. Some poses will not be available as well, depending on the current stage of pregnancy. A great example of this would be the bridge or fish posture, which would be discouraged past the first trimester due to the potential to cut off blood flow. Babies, along with the extra weight they saddle, do a number on a woman’s center of balance.

All in all, though, Yoga is a very good option to unwind and kill time while providing a very good number of potential benefits. It remains very good practice for most people, but for the bored, expectant, and/or stay-at-home demographics, this might seem a lot more attractive to try.

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