yoga challenge - 21-days perform yoga for a fixed time daily

What Is A 21-Day Yoga Challenge?

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For those who think that yoga is boring or yoga is ineffective, try this promising 21-day yoga challenge to see the results for yourself. Whether you want to take the challenge at home yourself or under a yoga practitioner, 21 days will show you remarkable results.

What Is A 21-Day Yoga Challenge?
What Is A 21-Day Yoga Challenge?

Basics Of A 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Once you decide to commit yourself to a 21-day yoga challenge, you need to practice yoga every day in the required form and for the required amount of time for 21 days. Only then can you see the acclaimed results. This is also more than just exercising. It is a commitment you need to make to yourself. Such a commitment will always remind you to always give time to yourself along with your friends, work or family. You can also follow an online yoga class to take up this yoga challenge from the comfort of your home.

Why Have A Daily Practice?

Once you take up a 21-day yoga challenge, you need to practice yoga every day without any leave. A continuous daily routine helps you memorize the asanas well and then perform them with ease. The asanas might seem unfamiliar to you at first, but when you perform them repeatedly for 21 days, you perform them easily and your mind can memorize them well. Taking up a daily challenge is like making a commitment to yourself and sticking to it. It makes you more focused and disciplined in life.

Moreover, the benefits of yoga can be obtained only when you perform asanas every day. Consistent yoga practice gives you better results and these can be obtained when you take up a 21-day challenge. You will find greater flexibility and strength towards the end of the 21 days. It can help you with insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

What Is A 21-Day Yoga Challenge?
What Is A 21-Day Yoga Challenge?

How To Set Up Yourself For a 21-Day Yoga Challenge

You might find the idea of taking up a 21-day yoga challenge too overwhelming. But you can follow the below-mentioned steps to help you stick to your routine.

Find a Friend

If you have a friend or a partner to take up this challenge with you, it will be easier to follow and complete it. Two people often act as motivators for each other. This form of healthy competition will motivate you both to reach your goals faster and easier. When a person is taking up a challenge alone, often it gets tough or boring to continue and complete it.

Start With Small Goals

Do not set goals that are too tough to achieve. For example, if you think that you will lose 5 kgs of weight after the 21-day yoga challenge, it is an impossible goal. Go for healthier and achievable goals. This will prevent you from getting demotivated or lose interest in the middle. Similarly, do not pledge to exercise for 90 minutes every day right from the beginning. You can start with smaller goals such as 30 minutes or 60 minutes daily.

Track Your Progress

Tracking and monitoring your progress make performing yoga even more fun and exciting. If you have a target of flexibility, you can slowly monitor the changes in your body. Similarly, you can track your weight loss too.

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