Why Is Outdoor Yoga Better Than Studio?


One of the many benefits of yoga, is the fact that you can practice it almost everywhere and anywhere in the world. And as it turns out, if you will choose to practice this in an outdoor area, chances are it may also be of huge benefit for you as compared to inside a stuffy studio.

Nature helps enhance the overall experience of concentration especially when it comes to meditation. Just being one with the trees, a nice river, and birds, will allow you to relax and stay calm. Make sure to find a place that is not too crowded to do this, so as not to get distracted. Have you been contemplating on trying this for the first time? Here are a few reasons why you should be make outdoor yoga a regular practice:

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Being One With Nature Restores Energy

outdoor yoga
outdoor yoga

When it comes to our nervous system, it has evolved in such a way that it takes note of moments when we are stressed and associates them with bursts of negative energy.  Spending time in the outdoor and being one with nature will send signals to your brain that your body is back in a safe environment, specifically where it can rejuvenate and restore all the energy that was depleted from too much negative emotion and energy.

Along with that, the feeling of increased happiness, relaxation, and vitality come easy when you are in a quiet area outside where there are no distracting noises, and people that will disrupt your session.

Practicing Yoga In An Outdoor Area Helps Build Self-Confidence

outdoor yoga
outdoor yoga

We all know how hard it is to adjust to a new environment, especially if you are going to be in front of many other people. If you are doing this for the first time, find your edge.  Being in an outdoor area for the first time can make you feel self conscious because you are used to practicing in an environment you are used to, with people doing the same thing.

While we understand that familiarity brings in security, stepping outside of your comfort zone is not a bad idea as well.  In fact, it can open an entirely new interpretation of your practice. Just imagine how empowering it would feel if you got over your self-consciousness and be able to do this outdoors normally? That’s a different feeling of accomplishment.

Outdoor Yoga Can Boost Your Concentration

outdoor yoga
outdoor yoga

It has been proven that those who have made time to meditate outdoors on a regular basis have a reduced amygdala, which is a portion of the brain that is responsible for dealing with the flight or fight response.  Whereas, compared to those who have practiced yoga in urban environments had a lower chance of staying concentrated.

If you do this on a regular basis, there’s a higher chance that you can benefit and feel a better form of meditation out of these outdoor sessions as compared to a studio.

Outdoor Yoga Can Help Heighten Awareness

outdoor yoga
outdoor yoga

Have you ever stopped to notice how all your senses open up when you leave an enclosed area? Studies have showed that leaving an enclosed studio heightens your senses – Sight, hearing, touch, and scent, which are all active parts of the brain that make you more aware of your surroundings.

Aside from that, heightened awareness brings feel good chemicals to the body, which can bring you more pleasure and relaxation. If you are up for a little challenge, you can look for an uneven surface on the ground to help engage your core and flexibility. As we become more fluent in processing our senses, it turns everything else off and allows you to stay in the current moment.

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