What Is Kriya Yoga: All About It


Kriya yoga is soon becoming the talk of the town when it comes to yoga. It is basically a meditation technique that assists in enhancing your spiritual awakening and growth. Paramhansa Yogananda firstly talked about this yoga in his autobiography of a Yogi. In fact, as per experts, kriya is basically the most effective technique available for mankind to reach the divine powers.

What Do Experts Have To Say About Kriya Yoga?

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What Is Kriya Yoga: All About It
What Is Kriya Yoga: All About It

As per different experts, kriya yoga is an effective instrument which can quicken human evolution. As per the history of yoga, it dates back to the year 1861. Though this form of yoga was hidden through many centuries, it actually came in front in 1861 when Mahavatar Babaji taught the techniques to his disciples.

Relationship Between Discipleship And Kriya Yoga

Discipleship is an imperative aspect of kriya yoga. This implies that you have agreed to accept Paramhansa Yogananda and his spiritual lineage as your gurus. Just like you need someone to teach you important things in life, even spiritual matters cannot be left behind. Thus, you simply need a mentor to help you learn about different techniques of kriya yoga.

What Are The Benefits Of Kriya Yoga?

What Is Kriya Yoga: All About It
What Is Kriya Yoga: All About It

Every form of yoga has immense benefits for humankind. Then how can kriya yoga be left behind in the race? This form of yoga also has many different benefits for the human race. Let us read about many advantages of the said yoga form.

  • It lowers the body’s blood pressure;
  • It balances your emotions;
  • Imparts wisdom and spiritual self-realization;
  • brings tranquility in the human body;
  • Raise your energy levels;
  • Helps you to develop gratitude towards God.

What Yoga Actually Does?

This form of yoga is basically taught via the mentor-disciple relationship. Its initiation ceremony includes a secret ceremony. As per yogis, this yoga form directs your life energy to revolve in six spinal centers. These six centers are dorsal, lumbar, sacral, medullary, cervical, and coccygeal plexuses. Moreover, yogis claim that half a minute of kriya actually equals an entire year of the unfolding of natural spiritual energy.

What Is The Process Of Kriya?

The process of kriya actually results in the purification of human blood. This pure human blood then frees up the life force. This life force then withdraws into the spine. In fact, kirya is a medium through which human blood gets clean. Moreover, it also goes through decarbonization to get recharged with oxygen. Moreover, through these techniques, the decay of the tissues gets less.

Physical Benefits Of Kirya

You can actually witness an improvement in your health with the help of kriya. In fact, some followers have even witnessed the healing of long term illness through this meditation. in addition, kriya can help improve the flexibility of muscles and can also get you a flexible spine. Moreover, it also leads to the expansion of the lungs through effective breathwork. it also helps you in improving your physical postures which again leads in relaxing of your muscles.


So, read more about the kriya yoga online and contact different meditation centers where you can learn its techniques. Happy meditation!

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