Using Yoga Blocks- The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


Yoga or meditation connects us with the cosmos. Besides, you can go for some me-time while performing yoga. Moreover, yoga doesn’t promote any religion form. It improves the inner strength and confidence. Furthermore, it enhances your strength, flexibility, and stability. You can concentrate on yourself while performing yoga. Also, you can decide the right paths for you, and relax a bit. Besides, correct postures and proper breathing patterns are a must. If you want to attain something from meditation, be true to yourself.

Moreover, forget all the stress and tensions before performing. There are different levels of yoga or meditation one can play. Trainers start with the easy and basics at first. Besides, concentration and flexibility help you achieve severe levels. Using Yoga Blocks are a platform, which enables you to practice the yoga bnm.

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Using Yoga Blocks- The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Using Yoga Blocks- The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

It lessens and sometimes increases the distance from the floor. Furthermore, it improves your stability and balancing power. To attain ideal benefits, you need to know the details of the yoga blocks. Thus as a beginner, prepare yourself with the utility of right yoga blocks

Advantage Of Using Yoga Blocks

These are helping tools, which improves your ability to perform poses or postures. Besides, it helps in building the strength of the upper body. Moreover, you can maintain proper alignment. Furthermore, it improves the wrist strength of the individual. You can also opt for the stretching poses, as this reduces the complexity. Thus, they are your helping hand during training sessions. A beginner should take help of these blocks to get quick results.

Best Material From Using Yoga Blocks

Markets and online stores offer a wide range of these blocks. Besides, there are diverse materials used for making yoga blocks. Moreover, choose the material and thickness depending upon your need. Mostly, foam, wood, and cork are the principal raw materials. The foam blocks are soft ones. Moreover, the foam ones are comfortable and supportive to the beginners. Furthermore, the cork variants are for those who demand better grip. The cork ones are eco-friendly and are massive. Next is the wood variant of it. Besides, these are mostly of bamboo. These are also costly and heavy.

Using Yoga Blocks- The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Using Yoga Blocks- The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Diverse Sizes 

The yoga blocks come in distinct dimensions. Thus, you can choose the one as per your height and comfort. Besides, the size of your limbs also decides the ideal yoga block for you. For instance, if your hands are small, you should not buy the thickest blocks. The thickest blocks will be difficult to get in the grip for weak hands. Moreover, 9′ X 6″ X 3″ is the traditional dimension of the yoga blocks. Furthermore, other variants are also common due to excessive demands.


You can decide whether you need one or two blocks depending upon the posture. Some poses demand for two blocks, while some prefer only one. It is advisable that you buy two at a time. Moreover, you can use it accordingly.

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