Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have


Acupressure Massage Mat and Neck Pillow Set


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Doing your daily yoga routine never felt so good.  Enjoy the best possible benefits from doing your asanas as well as get an acupressure massage from your yoga mat.  Made from high-quality fabric and containing uniquely designed “rose nails” that press on your pressure points to give you a more relaxing experience.  It helps to stimulate acupressure points and improves energy levels and blood circulation. Try it and you will never go back to your old yoga mat.

Material: ABS non-toxic fabric/ sponge/ cotton

Mat: 63cm x 40cm x 2cm

Pillow: 43cm x 16cm x 10cmHelps reduce stress level and anxiety

Package content:

1 x acupressure mat

1 x acupressure pillow





Antibacterial Ankle Yoga Socks


Are you tired of stepping on dirty yoga studio floors?  These antibacterial ankle yoga socks are perfect for keeping your feet clean and free from bacteria and fungus that live on the floor.  Made from breathable cotton, these socks are comfy and durable. They also contain anti-slip dots on their soles which provide traction.  If you practice yoga or pilates these are a must-buy.

Material: 80% cotton/ 18% nylon/ 2% spandex

Size: Free Size ( fits 34-39 EU)

Package content: 1 x Pair of Yoga Socks


Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have



Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing


Welcome to the exciting world of aerial yoga. Aerial yoga has become one of the latest trends in yoga over the last five years and is a great anti-gravity version.  There are many benefits to achieving yoga poses while suspended. Pick up one of these nifty hammocks and start practicing aerial yoga.

Color: white, yellow, red, purple, rosy red, blue, green, pink, light

Size: 1.8 Width/ weight: 93g

Package content: 1 x Yoga Hammock


Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have

Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have


Elastic Stretch Belt Resistance Band


This elastic resistance band is perfect for improving your flexibility and stretch routine.  Using these resistance bands can help straighten your posture, assists in doing a split, and provides lumbar support that you need.  Ideal to use if you practice yoga or you are a dancer. Safe for kids to use as well.

Available in three colorful designs

Material: nylon + latex

Package content: 1 x Elastic Stretch Belt Resistance BandTop 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have





Loose Wide Leg Yoga Pants

Do yoga with style with these fashionable loose wide-leg pants.  Available in different sizes and colors for a fun yoga look. This is one yoga accessory that will make you stand out in the crowd of tights.  Feel how freeing these loose wide leg pants can be. Pick up a few in different colors and take your yoga to the next level.

Material: cotton/ polyester/ acrylic/ broadcloth


Package content: 1 x Loose wide leg yoga pants

Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have



Yoga Accessories 2019: Multifunctional Yoga Bag

This is a bag specially made for carrying all your yoga accessories in a compact and comfortable way. High-quality nylon bag that even has a special mat holder. Really one of the best bags for yoga we’ve come across.  We highly recommend it!


Comes in different colors: blue, green, purple, red, and yellow

Material: PVC

Size: 173cm x 61cm

Package content: 1 x Multifunctional Yoga Bag



Yoga Accessories 2019: Portable Workout Knee Pads

Do your knees or elbows hurt every time you workout or practice yoga? These portable pads provide that support for your knees so that you can workout comfortably and more effectively.  Put a stop to elbow and knee pain when performing uncomfortable workout positions. Pick up a couple of these pads and throw them in your bag…you’ll thank us later.

Colors: purple, red, blue, green, black as picture show

Material: TPE

Size: 175mm diameter x 15mm thickness

Package content: 1 x Pair Yoga Mats




Yoga Accessories 2019: Wooden Yoga Wheel

This is an amazing yoga accessory we’ve come across.  This yoga wheel helps to gradually train your spine to conform to back bending poses.  Level up your yoga postures with the help of this wooden yoga wheel. It can be used at home, at offices and most especially on fitness centers.

Made with environmentally friendly materials, this yoga wheel is heavy-duty and support body weights of up to 120kg.

Material: ABS/ Nation Oak Wood/ TPE

Size: 33cm x 13cm/ weight: 1.4kg

Package Content: 1 x Yoga Wheel



Yoga Accessories 2019: Yoga Mat Sling Strap

Is carrying your yoga mat to and from class giving you trouble?  Carry your yoga mat with ease and style with this yoga mat sling strap.  Just roll up your mat, apply this sling carrier and throw it over your back and you’re done.  

Available in a variety of fun colors

Package Content: 1 x Yoga Mat Sling Strap

Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have


Yoga Mat With A Sling And Carry Strap


Is your old yoga mat looking a bit worn-out these days? If it’s time to replace your old mat, here’s a great anti-slip yoga mat that even comes with a sling.  This yoga mat is made of all eco-friendly materials, has a unique closed-cell foam cushioning technology for added comfort, and is very simple to clean and dry. Also, this mat has an odor-fighting technology that will reduce that smelly workout scent.  Really, look no further if you need a new yoga mat.


Available in 4 colors: green, purple, pink, and blue

Includes a free carry strap

Size: length 183cm, width 58cm, thickness 6mm

Package content: 1x Yoga Mat

1x Sling and carry strap

Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have

Top 10 Yoga Accessories 2019 You Should Have


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