The exercise ball for yoga - benefits, uses and features

Try These Yoga Workouts On The Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is used by many trainers to strengthen your muscles and to build strength. This yoga fitness ball is ideal for Pilates and yoga. The exercise ball is made of slowly deflating material and hence is very safe to use. It increases your balance and stability. You develop full control of your body and also gain strength in your glutes, legs, abdomen, and core. You also learn to keep your posture straight using a balance ball yoga.

Try These Yoga Workouts On The Exercise Ball
Try These Yoga Workouts On The Exercise Ball

Perks Of Using The Exercise Ball

A yoga ball helps to increase lumbar mobility. It also increases your back-muscle strength and your abdominal strength and stability. It increases your body balance and helps you develop an overall control of your body. Moreover, a yoga ball adds more strength to your core and abdomen. The basic idea of using a yoga ball to sit instead of a traditional office chair is that a person puts more effort to remain stable. This forces him to induce his trunk muscles, which eventually help him increase his core strength. It also helps in burning calories as a person is always cautious and putting an effort to sit up straight.

Some Exercises On The Exercise Ball

  • The most basic exercise on this is sitting on the ball and slowly bouncing for 30 minutes daily. This helps you develop a proper posture.
  • Another easy exercise is to slouch on the ball and curl up your upper and lower back. When you start bouncing in this posture, you will find your body to find its balance automatically. Furthermore, performing these yoga ball exercises daily will help you develop a good posture in some weeks.
  • A simple yoga ball exercise is to spread your feet around 2 ft apart and place the ball behind your back on a wall. Place your hands on your hips and waist and start bending down in a squatting position. The ball will provide support to your back as you bend. Get back to the starting position and repeat. You can slowly increase the difficulty level by holding on to a squatting position for 10-15 seconds.
  • You can even lie down on the ball and try to stretch your back completely. Move the ball slightly as you do so and you will feel an intense stretch in your upper arms, shoulders, back and pelvic muscles.
  • Take the ball in your hands and lift them straight up. Now slowly incline your hands on both sides and move the ball on both sides. Count till 30 as you move the ball to and fro. This exercise works up your shoulders and upper arms.

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Adjustable Yoga Workout Ball

Try These Yoga Workouts On The Exercise Ball
Try These Yoga Workouts On The Exercise Ball

This ball is the perfect tool for yoga and Pilates. This exercise ball is highly durable because it is made from a very flexible material that cannot burst. It will support your fitness training and exercises at home or at the gym. It is available in a variety of shades such as red, grey, blue, purple or pink. It is available in various sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. The ball is made from PVC material.

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