The Big Toe Pose: With Some Little Details To Know


The Big Toe Pose is an essential part of yoga. The one who takes lessons on yoga might know what the importance of this pose in this meditation method is. However, the one who barely gets and relation with this exercise mode hardly came across the term in their lifetime. The athletes especially should learn the importance of this pose. For it bears excellent significance with hamstring of our body. The posture makes to strengthen and lengthen the stubborn and tight hamstrings gently. Therefore people who are facing issues with their hamstrings can get their hands in performing this yogic posture taking out some free hours of the day. 

Let us get the idea of how to perform this yoga. Therefore without any further ado, let us get going with the topic.

The Big Toe Pose: With Some Little Details To Know
The Big Toe Pose: With Some Little Details To Know

The Big Toe Pose The Steps You Should Follow-

1. The first and foremost step is to stand still. Try keeping the inner feet parallel. Also, try maintaining the 6-inch distance between the feet. After that, contract your frontal thigh muscles. This will help you to lift the kneecaps. Try keeping the legs all straight. Take deep exhale, and after that, bend in your front from the portion of your hip joints, try moving your torso and your head as a unit. 

2. After that, slide your middle and index_finger. Try them sliding in between the second toes and the big toes. After that, curl the fingers up firmly with the big toes. After that, wrap the thumbs around to have the grip secured. Try pressing down your toes against your fingers. 

3. Take deep inhale then try lifting your torso. Try lifting the_torso with straightening the elbows. After that, lengthen your frontal torso. Then lift the sitting bones. Try releasing the hamstring with hollowing your belly. 

4. After that, try lifting your sternum as up as you can. However, be cautious to never raise the neck to that extent that it can hut the back of your neck. Also, try keeping your forehead all relaxed.

5. After that, try lifting the frontal torso. Continue the process with an active attempt to contract your frontal thighs. Perform the process while lifting the bones with constantly relaxing the hamstrings.

The Big Toe Pose: With Some Little Details To Know
The Big Toe Pose: With Some Little Details To Know

Three More Steps To Learn

6. Then finally, take deep exhale. And then bend down your elbows ou to the sides. After that, pull up the toes. Then go for lengthening the frontal and side area of the torso. Also, try gently bending in front. 

7. However, many get a very long hamstring. They can make their forehead lean towards the shin. However, the ones with short hamstring better keep the focus on the frontal torso position. Also, remember hunching in front is actually not safe for the body. However, it does nothing for the hamstring, as well.

8. Try reaming in the final position for some time. After that, try a slow release of your toes. Then bring your hands towards the hip. Try re lengthening your frontal torso area. Then take deep inhale and swing upright to single posture one again. 

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