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Cool Things Yoga Has Taught Me

Yoga For Beginners: How Often Should You Do

There are many cool things yoga can teach you. It can change your mind perspective completely. Yoga is not just about exercise, but a mind and body approach

Do You Want To Age Gracefully? Learn About Benefits From Yoga For The Elderly

There are a plethora of benefits of yoga for the elderly. As you age, your body undergoes a lot of changes. Your bones weaken, you develop joint pains and several other bodily discomforts.

Why You’re Not Too Old For Man Flow Yoga

Some men often feel that man flow yoga is only for younger people. As soon as a man hits 50, they begin to think that this form of yoga is not for them.

How To Be A Yoga Teacher: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Begin

A yoga teacher is patient, knowledgeable, clever and also very humble and kind. Once you become a yoga teacher, you can specialize in its sub-niches.

What Is A 21-Day Yoga Challenge?

A woman holding a dog

For those who think that yoga is boring or yoga is ineffective, try this promising 21-day yoga challenge to see the results for yourself.

5 Health Benefits Of Yoga

There are proven multiple health benefits of ancient Indian science – Yoga. It has been around since ages in India but has become popular across the globe just a few decades back.

Mental Health Benefits Of Yoga – Why Students Should Practice Yoga

Yoga has proven mental health benefits for school-going children. Students today undergo a lot of stress and anxiety.

A Travel Yoga Mat Non-Slip Fitness Mat

Travel Yoga Mat Non-Slip Fitness Mat

Check out this cool non-slip travel yoga fitness mat which you can carry anywhere.

Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer

Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer

This kind of yoga has a lot of benefits.You can get a lot of health benefits and solves breathing problems.

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