Some Easy Yoga Poses For Daily Routine


Yoga is an age-old practice of physical and mental exercise which originated in India. The origin of yoga dates back to the pre-Vedic time; it mentions in the Rigveda. Previously yoga was limited to India only, but with time, it has spread to the different corners of the world. Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. It may look very difficult, but there are much easy yoga poses for beginners. Yoga not only keeps us fit and healthy, but it also works on our flexibility and has many benefits.

Some Easy Yoga Poses For Daily Routine
Some Easy Yoga Poses For Daily Routine
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The primary purpose of yoga is our mind and body relaxation. It builds our strength of both our mind and body. Today there are different schools of yoga focusing on the various aspects of yoga-like meditation, body strength, and some yoga schools also help in treating some disease.

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga got its name from the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” which means to yoke, yoga is an ancient practice of bringing the mind, soul, and body together. Yoga includes exercise, meditation, and different poses specially designed to reduce our stress and help us relax. Here is the list of some benefits of yoga.

  • Yoga helps us reduce stress and helps us to relax better in this busy lifestyle.
  • Studies show that yoga helps in preventing inflammatory disease and also reduces inflammation.
  • Yoga is excellent for people having anxiety, through yoga, our mind relaxes, which results in reducing stress.
  • Proper food and yoga can change our lifestyle. Yoga reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Last but not least, yoga helps to improve the quality of our living. Yoga also helps in treating insomnia. People doing yoga regularly tend to sleep better. Yoga is like a therapy in this busy schedule of ours.
Some Easy Yoga Poses For Daily Routine
Some Easy Yoga Poses For Daily Routine

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga may seem very difficult, but there specific postures that are great for beginners. There are more than 300 yoga poses, and it’s not easy to master all of them, so here are some easy yoga poses.

  • The mountain pose is one of the most relaxed postures in yoga. All you have to do is stand straight and feel the ground below. This is a simple, toning posture.
  • The downward-facing dog is the most practiced yoga posture. This yoga posture stretches and strengthens the entire body.
  • Plank helps to balance our body using our hands. It is excellent for our abdomen and focuses on our breathing. Doing plank for a minute for a few days can also help in toning our abdomen area.
  • The tree is a great standing position yoga for beginners. This posture helps beginners gain focus and helps them to concentrate. In this position, you have to stand on one leg the other leg resting on the inner thighs, hand-folded in prayer position. This yoga position helps us to gain balance and help us remain steady.
  • The bridge pose is excellent for beginners; this posture focuses on our backbone and helps in strengthening our spine. This posture is excellent for female as it focuses mainly on the back and our backbone.
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