Poses For Yoga Beginners That You Must Do


If you are starting yoga, there are many poses for yoga, which are vital for you to learn. Learning them will make you feel comfortable while you are training in the class or working out at home. Though it is not simple to perfect everything when it comes to yoga as there are so many positions, the below poses can help. If you choose to do these poses regularly, you will be able to start on the right note.

The Best Poses For Yoga You Should Start With

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Poses For Yoga Beginners That You Must Do
Poses For Yoga Beginners That You Must Do

•        Mountain Pose: This helps you in forming the base for all standing poses. If you are starting with poses for yoga, you must get the right technique of this pose. It helps you in learning techniques to ground your feet and feel the earth below it. You might think that this pose is just about standing, but there is much more to it. To do it, stand with your feet close to each other. Press your toes towards the earth as you keep them open. Bring your kneecaps up with the help of your inner thighs and pull your shoulder down at the same time. Hold this position for few breaths and then repeat.

•        Another famous yoga pose, which is vital for you to master when you are just starting is the downward-facing dog. Because this is one of the most common posses which everyone should learn. Get down on your knees with your palms touching the ground. Once you are ready to lift your hips and tuck your toes under. Make sure that you keep your hamstrings tight to get the maximum benefit. Hold yourself in this position and then release it.

Some Other Poses

Poses For Yoga Beginners That You Must Do
Poses For Yoga Beginners That You Must Do

•        Another famous pose which everyone should learn is the plank. It helps you in learning how to balance your hands and the entire body. And the best part is it makes your abdominal muscle stronger. You have to learn how to use your breath to make sure that you can stay in the position for longer. Lay down flat on your stomach and then lift your legs with the help of your toes. Raise your upper body with the help of your elbow and make sure that your whole body is in a straight line. Stay in this position for as long as you can. Make sure that you repeat this posture for at least three times before you move on to the next one.

•        The triangle pose is another pose which can help you extensively. Not only it opens up your lungs but also helps in strengthening your lower body. Start in a standing position and stretch your arms to the sides. You have to touch your fingers with your right toe. Bend your abdominal muscles and touch your right leg. Stay in this position for a while and release yourself.  This is an excellent workout for your complete body. Not only does it make your lower body stronger but also works on your abdominal muscles.  

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