Namaste Yoga: The Meaning of “Namaste”

Namaste Yoga: The Meaning of “Namaste”

You have perhaps noticed that your yoga instructor says Namaste at the end of every yoga session. Have you ever thought about the reason behind this gesture? This is because, in Namaste yoga, people believed that there is a divine spark in each of humans in the heart chakra. It is a token of acknowledgment to that divinity in one soul from another.

The Meaning Of The Word Namaste

The word ‘Nama’ implies bow, ‘s’ stands for I, and ‘te’ implies you. The word means ‘I bow to you.’

Namaste Yoga: The Meaning of “Namaste”
Namaste Yoga: The Meaning of “Namaste”

How To Make The Gesture Of Namaste Yoga

It is made by folding the hands together in front of the heart chakra, closing the eyes and bowing the head. Or, first, place the hands at the third eye and then down to the heart chakra.

It is a way to express deep respect. Many people, especially in Western culture, utter the word “Namaste” while making this gesture whereas, in India, the gesture itself means it. So, they usually don’t say it.

Joining the hands together in front of the heart chakra increases the divine love inside. When you close your eyes and bow your head, it means you surrender to God living inside the other soul. You can do it yourself to activate your heart chakra as a part of meditation. It is a quick, beautiful form of meditation too.

In the yoga session, when the teacher and student perform this gesture, it creates a connection between them energetically. They are free from any kind of ego. If you can do it from the core of the heart and give in your mind, an amalgamation of spirits will occur.

When And How To Incorporate This In Yoga

You should do it at the beginning and the end of a yoga class. At the initiation, by doing this, the teacher expresses gratitude. He also shows respect to the divine presence inside the students and also to his teachers and mentors. It connects the instructor and the disciples to one beautiful thought that we all are one, holy, and the child of the almighty if we live from the heart. When we bow down in front of another, we extend our respect and love for him, and we welcome a friendly relationship between the two souls involved.

Namaste Yoga: The Meaning of “Namaste”
Namaste Yoga: The Meaning of “Namaste”

Spiritual Significance Of Namaste Yoga

This gesture also has a rooted spiritual significance. When we do this, we acknowledge God, the divinity, the life force that is present in me is the one and same for all. We all have a connection to this energy. Fundamentally, we all are equal in our within. When we meet and greet one another, we recognize the Godly spark and the infinite potential to the other person.

We not only join our hands together, we sometimes close our eyes, bow down and even chant the name of our favorite God-like, Ram Ram, Jay Siyaram, Jay Sri Krishna. Some people also chant Om Shanti to recognize the ocean of peace in our minds.