Must-See Yoga Institutions


With hundreds of thousands of practitioners across the globe, Yoga remains a very popular hobby. It can begin with a padded mat and some breathing exercises. However, with so many people using up almost the same studio and attending the same class, the feeling of going to your favorite place for a session or two no longer contains the excitement you used to feel when it was your first time.

At some point during our practice, we all want to go to a new place just to make the experience a little bit more satisfying as compared to going to the same stuffy studio.  Sometimes, we want to experience a new level of meditation techniques, a new level of calmness and relaxation, and basically something that will somehow take away the usual routines that we can all get tired of eventually.

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 But to indulge the inner aficionado in you, we’ve compiled a short list of must-see Yoga Institutions for all your Zen-ifying needs. It’s nice to explore every once in a while. Take a look at these places and see which one appeals to you the most:

Yoga Institutions: Chopra Center

yoga institutions
yoga institutions

The Chopra Center marries old practices with modern creature comforts. Located in Carlsbad, California, they are known for Oprah and Deepak’s 21-day meditation experience, Energize Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit, has led thousands upon thousands of avid listeners into tranquility. They are also quite recognized for their FIT program, which marries yoga with fitness regiments into a nourishing package for all your peace of mind needs.

The Yoga Forest

yoga institutions
yoga institutions

Hayley Saraswatī and Randi Schiffman on gorgeous Guatemalan forest, ensuring pristine glimpses into the wondrous world hidden within, founded this retreat. Detoxify yourself in their bubbling saunas, and finding strength in the solace they provide gives you a different level of accomplishment right after.

Along with that, just being able to practice yoga in an outdoor area like a forest brings a better sense of calmness and relaxation to the body. This is definitely a place you can stay a while in.

Kathmandu Nepal

yoga institutions
yoga institutions

With the help of Rugged Trails Nepal, one could embark on a session backlit by the imposing Mount Everest. Hikes are also available and may be tailored to suit a customer’s needs following special requests.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant at Hurawalhi Island Resort, Maldives

yoga institutions
yoga institutions

Maldives has always been known to be one of the most relaxing and calming places to visit in the world. Once you visit this place, you’ll never want to go back.

The most recent entry in this list, and for good reason is located 5.8 meters under the Indian ocean lies the world’s first undersea Yoga retreat, with haunting visuals and over two thousand species of fish, this remains a very gorgeous- albeit elusive- target for one’s yoga bucket list.

Yoga Institutions: Rishikesh

yoga institutions
yoga institutions

“The Birthplace of Yoga”. Rishikesh remains very close to the Ganges River, where Vishnu, the preserver, acknowledged a saint seeking penance. One could walk along the banks of the Ganges, where it all began. The venue’s beauty is bolstered by strict bans on contraband, ensuring a no smoke, traffic, or alcohol policy for the duration of one’s stay.

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