Why You’re Not Too Old For Man Flow Yoga


Some men often feel that man flow yoga is only for younger people. As soon as a man hits 50, they begin to think that this form of yoga is not for them. You need to know first that there are many types of yoga. Each kind differs from the other. Some yoga asanas or styles cannot be performed by pregnant or menstruating women. Some cannot be performed by people with a backache or such other issues. But man flow yoga can be performed by men of any age group.

Why You’re Not Too Old For Man Flow Yoga
Why You’re Not Too Old For Man Flow Yoga

Average Age Of Man Flow Yoga Customers

This type of yoga is gentle and it does not require you to be very flexible. If you think that you should indulge in other forms of fitness such as walking or others when you get old, then you should know more about this form of yoga. The average age of man flow yoga customers is 50 years and above. There are those who belong to 30s, 40s or 20s as well, but there are more men and women in their 50s performing it.

Man Flow Yoga Does Not Require Flexibility

Most people abstain from performing this style thinking that they are not flexible enough. But the basic point of yoga is to make your body flexible enough. As you gradually perform the asanas, you will find your flexibility to improve. Moreover, initially, your trainer might suggest modifications in the asanas where your body lacks flexibility. Flexibility is just an added advantage for yoga, but it is not a requirement.

Why You’re Not Too Old For Man Flow Yoga
Why You’re Not Too Old For Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga Is The Foundation Of Fitness

This exercise form involves only exercises that do not cause any impact on the body or some may cause very low impact. It focuses more on building body awareness and basic strength. It is a very basic, foundational and slow-paced yoga workout that does not require flexibility.

Benefits Of Isometric Exercise

Isometric strength is the basic level of strength. These exercises teach you practice the isometric exercises in the correct way. It helps in building bodily awareness, increasing your strength and endurance and also in improving your muscle activation. These exercises are also taught to patients who need to recover from an injury. It is also an isometric kind of exercise. These exercises help you do the postures simply and more effectively. These exercises help you build a foundational strength, which later helps you avoid injuries while performing tougher asanas.

Man Flow Yoga Is Gentle

This form of exercise is joint-friendly and also quite gentle. It is low or no-impact and won’t hurt you like other forms of exercise. Many people performing high-intensity workouts like Bootcamp style, P90x or others generally give up in the middle because of joint pain. These exercises are relatively mild and yet strength-building. This form of yoga is great because not only is it a great form of workout, but it also helps you lose weight. You can perform these exercises to stay in shape, get more flexible and also to prepare your body for more intense asanas ahead.

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