Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer


About Iyengar Yoga

B.K.S  Iyengar is famous for his tremendous and massive contribution to enriching India’s culture. Yoga has always defined our country. It formed a foundation of the early periods of India. Iyengar in the year of 1966 had put a focus on this new type of yoga. Through his book called the Light On Yoga, he enlightened the readers and the world of yoga to a new discovery. This new type of yoga was later named after him. In recent time, Iyengar yoga has become the most common type of yoga.

Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer
Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer

The specialty of this kind of yoga is that it focuses on stabilizing the breathing movements. To our surprise, yoga not only makes us fit but also keeps us away from diseases and to her severe symptoms. Iyengar was a disciple of the famous Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. The world knew him as the father of modern yoga.

Through his preaching and studies, he made our country and the world get introduced to yoga. In this article, we discuss how vital the ethnic and classical routine of our country- yoga is beneficial.

Walking Down The Memory Lane Of Iyengar Yoga

And drops of water make an ocean. This instance and saying had also been true for the proclamation of Iyengar yoga. B.K.S Iyengar started his teaching with just a student. As time passed, Iyengar got renowned for his education. With the passage of time, the number of students interested in yoga increased under him. He took his institution of Iyengar Yoga in London and other places. For his great contribution in the field of yoga, the government awarded him the Padma Bhushan and other awards

Focus Of The Iyengar Yoga

Unlike other yoga, Iyengar yoga focuses on some particular motives and notion. Iyengar yoga focuses on the physical development of the individual. This type of yoga stabilizes the breathing movement and aligns our body structure.

The type of yoga also aims at maintaining blood circulation. This style of yoga, in turn, helps increase the standard of living of the individual.

Teachings Of This Yoga

Initially, in the institute of this yoga, the students were taught the basic asana and exercise for two years. They, after the completion had to sit for an examination. After the basic course was over, the students could then opt for advanced studies in the Iyengar yoga. In recent times, the authority decided to extend the basic course to a long period of six years. Only after the long period of teaching, the students then sit for the examination.

Uses Of Yoga

Yoga is undoubtedly the most useful exercise that anyone can perform. Half of India’s culture and heritage are formed by the uses and importance of yoga. Yoga had been there since the pre-historic, historical and modern era. With the passage of time, as heritage and culture, both are dwindling, the ritual and practice of performing yoga are also diminishing. Youngsters these days are more inclined towards the artificial type of machinery and gymnasiums. Yoga has its own benefits that are any day better than what the gymnasiums and mechanisms provide. Therefore, this kind of yoga is very helpful for the mind and body. Go ahead and plan your yoga routine today!

Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer
Iyengar Yoga And Its Pioneer
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