How To Balance Chakras By Practicing Yoga


As per ancient texts, balancing of chakras are energy centers found in our body.  There are seven chakras or energy centers within a human. The concept of chakras can be traced back to centuries and in particular to an ancient book called Vedas. Broadly there are 7 chakras in our body and each chakra has its own importance on the health of a person. It is believed that a person can experience good health when chakras are balanced. On the other hand, unbalanced chakras can lead to various issues that affect a person mental and physical health.

Learning Yoga asanas that help in balancing of chakras go a long way in staying healthy. Most of us associate yoga with being fit and physical activity. Practicing yoga is not limited to physical fitness; it enhances one’s mental and spiritual health.

How To Balance Chakras By Practicing Yoga
How To Balance Chakras By Practicing Yoga

Yoga Asanas For Chakra Balancing

The asanas of yoga with Pranayama help bringing in new life into the body that aid in balancing of chakras.  A person welling being is affected by the functioning of a chakra. Eating unhealthy food, suppression one’s feelings are the main reason for blocking a chakra. Yoga is an effective way to release this blockage and promote one’s health. There are different types of asanas for each chakra. Clearing all kind of clutter such as physical, emotional will help balance our chakras. This can be done by doing the right kind of yoga asanas regularly.

Yoga Poses To Align Or Balance Chakras

First is Muladhara or root Chakra: this is located in the spine, this helps you stay grounded and feel secure. When this chakra is imbalanced we experience physical issues. Mountain pose, warrior stance, and chair pose are few yoga postures that you can practice to clear out this chakra.

Next Chakra is sacral, that is located in the pelvis area. This is the center for emotions and self- expression. Any imbalance in this chakra can result in feeling frustrated. Bound angle, goddess, and pigeon pose helps in releasing the blockage in this chakra.

The third chakra is solar plexus, this is located between naval and heart. Solar plexus chakra is a focal point for a person’s identity. An imbalance can lead to low self-esteem and stress. Practicing boat, bow poses along with sun salutation can remedy the chakra.

How To Balance Chakras By Practicing Yoga
How To Balance Chakras By Practicing Yoga

Fourth energy center is located at the heart. Heart chakra enables us to receive and give love. Eagle, fish and cobra pose of yoga can help you keep your heart chakra balanced.

The fifth and sixth chakras are throat and third eye respectively. These chakras help in communication and intuition. Yoga poses like Shoulder, camel, downward dog, nostril breathing can balance them.

Lastly the crown chakra, it is highest of all and an opening point rather than energy center. An imbalance in this chakra brings a sense of negativity. Headstand and corpse pose is best asanas for balancing of chakras.


The practice of yoga and chakra healing are highly popular these days. This is because chakra alignment can promote a healthier lifestyle.  Yoga is one way for balancing of chakras in a person body. Yoga helps in moving the energy around your body and thereby aligning the chakras.

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