healthy foods that should not be eaten before yoga may surprise you

Healthy Foods Not To Eat Before Yoga

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The healthy foods not to eat before yoga can be quite surprising for most of us. Certain food items, although quite healthy for our body, should be avoided before your yoga practice for a range of reasons. Here we will decode each one and tell you exactly why you should avoid consumption just before your yoga practice.

Healthy Foods Not To Eat Before Yoga

Even if you eat a meal two to three hours before yoga, it still remains in the stomach. Performing yoga after consuming certain foods may have ill-effects on your health, rather than any good. The below-mentioned foods have different reactions to your body when consumed before yoga.

Roasted Nuts And Flaxseeds

These are loaded with protein and fiber. But when consumed before a yoga practice, these might cause some disturbance. As these items remain in your stomach while you perform your asanas, the movement caused by your postures can cause indigestion and make you feel sluggish. Also, the salt present in the nuts can dehydrate you. This can eventually disrupt the fluid balance you must have in your body for proper workouts. Flaxseeds are good for your body, but when you consume them in high amounts a few hours before yoga, these may result in bloating and gas.

Healthy Foods Not To Eat Before Yoga
Healthy Foods Not To Eat Before Yoga

Power Bars And Fruit Juice

Power bars and fruit juices are loaded with sugars. These might give you a quick boost of energy, but eventually, such sugary items will make you lethargic or sick. Fruits juices may contain natural sugars, but they lack fiber. These quickly go through your digestive system, cause a sugar spike and then cause a blood sugar crash later, making you feel lethargic soon.

Extremely Ripe Bananas

Ripe bananas have a higher sugar content that the less-ripened ones. A green banana has a glycemic amount of 30, while a ripe one has 70. Foods high in glycemic index cause the sugar levels in the blood to rise. You might get inconsistent energy during your workouts and post-workout; you may feel drained.

Avocados And Yogurt

Although very healthy, these items should be avoided before yoga completely. These are both high in fat and hence difficult to digest. For digestion, these foods take in the blood into the stomach to aid in digestion. This may lead to cramps and discomfort while exercising. These are essentially good fats but they should be avoided two hours before yoga.

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Healthy Foods Not To Eat Before Yoga
Healthy Foods Not To Eat Before Yoga

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