Different Types of Yoga: Everything you need to know


There are a lot of different types of yoga that you can try. There’s so many that you can choose whether you want a physically challenging work out, or something that is calm, relaxing, and more focused on meditation. Each style is different from the other, which also depends on the person teaching the class.

If you are confused with which one to try out for the first time, you have come to the right place. We have come up with a list of everything you need to know so that you are up to speed with what you want. Take a look at these:

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Different Types of Yoga: Everything you need to know about Yoga
Different Types of Yoga: Everything you need to know about Yoga

Different Types of Yoga: Yin Yoga

If you want something that is a bit slow, easy to keep up with and just at the right place, then yin yoga is the best choice for you. This style of yoga has a lot of seated poses, which can be held for long periods of time. It’s more focused on breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation.

It’s also one of the best classes to join as a beginner, because most of the poses are held for more than 45 seconds up to at least 5 minutes depending on the style. It can also be great for consistent meditation, which helps you achieve deep inner peace. These classes are so relaxing, that you can ensure that after you get out of each class, you will feel instant relaxation.

Different Types of Yoga: Restorative Yoga

As the name suggests, this style of yoga focuses more on restoring your body after a stressful and hectic day by relaxing your mind and finding calmness. There are fewer poses with this style throughout the entire class.

For most of the poses you will be using a lot of props that help to make you feel more relaxed like blankets, bolsters, and eye pillows. Restorative yoga also helps to clear your mind and allow you to be in the moment not worrying about anything else.  There are also a lot of health benefits that come along with this, like cleansing the body of  any negative energy, bad habits, and etc.

If practiced regularly, you will find that doing this everyday will help you get through any kind of stressful situation.

Different Types of Yoga: Everything you need to know about Yoga
Different Types of Yoga: Everything you need to know about Yoga

Different Types of Yoga: Kundalini Yoga

If you want the best of both worlds, this type of yoga is both for the physical and spiritual side. It’s all about releasing any kind of negative energy that may be trapped in your lower spine and other parts of your body.

Most of these classes are fast paced and help you develop your balance, strength, flexibility, and breathing. As a beginner, this will also be perfect if you want a little challenge in your workouts. It works your core through complex and invigorating poses. It will also improve and expand your lungs because of the breathing exercises included in each class.

It’s a little bit intense because it includes heavy meditation, intense stretching, chanting, mantra practices and others. Although it may seem a little hard for the average beginner, it will significantly help you gain better health.

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