Defined Tantra Yoga Demystified: Have A Look


You do not know much about defined Tantra yoga? Well, it is the modern name for ancient yogic and Vedic spiritual practices. It is an amalgamation of unorthodox and also innovative techniques. It works towards allowing individuals to experience the individuality of the cosmos. Tantra speaks of techniques developed by tantric, allowing individuals to focus and also expand their awareness of the mind and body. It aims at helping practitioners understand the value of their body’s internal energy. Yoga practitioners need to understand the objectives and goals of this form of yoga as it offers a context for the techniques and practices of present-day yoga.

Defined Tantra Yoga Demystified: Have A Look
Defined Tantra Yoga Demystified: Have A Look
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Defined Tantra Yoga: What Is It?

Tantra Yoga weaves many varied techniques together. These techniques include visualization, mantra meditation, pranayama, and mudras. It is a complete blend of tantric rituals and methods that primarily have their focus on building kundalini energy. It encourages the kundalini energy in people to flow up to the chakras and the nadis to eventually create enlightenment or Samadhi.

Different Techniques In Defined Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga and its techniques originate from the reverence of Shakti and Shiva. These are considered the stationary and vibrant principles of the entire Universe. Tantra yoga techniques are the perfect blend of the feminine, creative, and dynamic energy of Shakti and the destructive, masculine, and static energy of Shiva. These energies are found to be in continued play in Tantra, and you will find them in a different form.

Tantra yoga is all about the subtle bodies of spirit and energy developed for bridging the gap between the divine and the physical. In this form of energy development, the focus is on purifying and cultivating prana while activating kundalini energy. Here, the physical body is apt for activating power through pranayama, asana, shatkarma, and mudra. Therefore, the tantric developed yoga asanas and breathing techniques or pranayamas commonly used in modern Hatha Yoga.

The mudras in Tantra yoga include an intense mix of pranayama, bandha, and also asana along with hand gestures. Shatkarma or kriya is esoteric techniques and exercises for purifying the body and also cleaning the pathways of energy. This form of yoga also involves the use of devotional practices like yantra, mantra, and puja for developing spiritualism. Here mantras are holy Sanskrit terms and sounds to manifest divine power. Puja is active and devotional worship of any chosen idol or deity. It happens through different offerings like incense, food, gems, and light. Yantras are holy geometric forms for visualization and concentration in varied rituals.

Defined Tantra Yoga Demystified: Have A Look
Defined Tantra Yoga Demystified: Have A Look

Tantric Yoga: Objective

People who practice this yoga use personal experience and also experimentation, along with radical procedures for cleansing their mind and body. This form of yoga is an amalgamation of a wide array of techniques. Still, its underlying focus is using the physical body in the form of a temple for worshiping self-oneness and life. Practitioners can experience the divine, and they can also taste the completeness and oneness of this Universe.

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