Cool Things Yoga Has Taught Me

Yoga For Beginners: How Often Should You Do

There are many cool things yoga can teach you. It can change your mind perspective completely. Yoga is not just about exercise, but a mind and body approach to a healthier lifestyle. Once you start practicing yoga regularly, you will experience a holistic transformation from within. Here are some cool things yoga has taught me.

Cool Things Yoga Taught Me

To Love My Body

Yoga does not happen in a room full of trainers wearing designer gym wear. Most of the time, most participants wear loose-fitting harem pants. This camouflages their curves. This also gives you the confidence to carry your body. I learned to love my body and took each and every class as a challenge to be better than last time. I stopped comparing myself to others and felt-at-ease in my own frame.

Yoga Does Not Happen Only On The Mat

I learned that yoga is a way of life. It is a route to complete well-being. I realized that when I concentrate on my breath, I am doing yoga, when I am noticing little wonders of nature, I am doing yoga and when I am deeply introspecting about life, also I am doing yoga.

Yoga Teaches You To Reduce Your Own Stress Response

I learned with meditation and Pranayama that I can easily reduce my own stress and anxiety by taking deep breaths. I have started using this technique everywhere and it is helping me quite a lot.

Yoga Teaches You To Relax

In my fast-paced life, I hardly had any time to sit back, think or relax. I noticed that I had started living like a machine. Yoga taught me to take out time for my body, thoughts, and mind. I learned to relax and de-stress on my own.

Buy These Useful Yoga Gear To Enhance Your Experience

Adjustable Yoga Workout Ball

Cool Things Yoga Has Taught Me
Cool Things Yoga Has Taught Me

I am in love with yoga. I had recently purchased this cool yoga ball and it has helped me a lot in my poses. It is quite easy to place an online order as you get very quick delivery from This adjustable yoga ball is the perfect accessory for your yoga sessions. It is highly durable and flexible. It supports your exercises and training at home or in the gym. You can get this ball in various colors such as purple, pink, blue, red or gray. It is available in sizes S, M, L or XL. The ball is made from PVC material.

High-Density EPP Massage Ball

Cool Things Yoga Has Taught Me
Cool Things Yoga Has Taught Me

This high-density EPP massage ball is very useful for those who have back pain or such other muscle pain issues. It enhances blood circulation. The massage ball increases the flow of blood in your body and also promotes healing. It is made from high-quality hardened material. The ball is quite portable and suitable for athletes, office going people, women, and men. It relieves all tension easily and effectively. The ball helps in easing the feeling of fatigue. It is great for full body massage. You can get it in various sizes such as 8 x 8 cm, 10 x 10 cm, 8 x 16 cm or 12 x 24 cm, weighing 20 g, 30 g, 50 g or 70 g respectively.

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