Yoga And Sound Therapy: The Perfect Calming Combination


Some people like to relax after a long day with a nice bubble bath, snuggling up with a warm hot of cocoa, or maybe even enjoying a quiet night with a book by the fireplace. Everyone has their own way of detoxing after a long day, but did you know that Yoga and Sound therapy are also just as relaxing?

If you have never heard of this before, well then you are in luck because we will be getting you up to speed with this awesome relaxation technique. The relaxing musical presentations are designed to give you a healing and calming meditation. The sounds that you hear during sessions are designed to give you a sense of mindfulness. So how does it work? First, we will give you the basics. Take a look at these:

What Is Sound Therapy?

yoga and sound therapy
yoga and sound therapy

Sound healing uses crystal and Tibetan singing containers, regulation forks, and other vibrational modes of musical instruments. Sometimes, sound therapy also uses the human voice. These sounds are used to heal your body spiritually, emotionally, and physically, which is why some people find it relaxing to attend a class or two.

Since most of our stress is caused by work, heavy problems, and other health issues, these all get suppressed in the body, which causes us to have toxic energy in our bodies. The use of vibration and sound soothes the nervous system, relaxes the body, and gets rid of all the negative energy that is suppressed in the body.

Our nervous systems are sensitive to all kinds of calming vibrational sounds, whereas loud and harsh sounds can cause harm to the body. The singing bowls have a profoundly beautiful healing and relaxing sound, which sends us all to a world of peace and tranquility.

Benefits Of Sound Therapy With Yoga

yoga and sound therapy
yoga and sound therapy

Since the point of attending a yoga class is for us to clear our minds of any negative emotions and to meditate, there are also a lot of benefits that you can gain while combining sound therapy with yoga.

Here are some benefits that you should take into consideration:

  • Provides Sound Relaxation and Meditation – As we mentioned, sound therapy gives the body a sense of calmness, because of the vibrations that can be found in the instruments relax the mind of any negative thoughts. Along with that, you will also reach a sense of euphoria while doing the exercises along with the meditation.
  • It improves sleeping patterns – Most people have a hard time sleeping because they have too many worries going on in their heads. Proper meditation and sound therapy frees the mind of any negative or un-necessary thoughts, which will make it easier for you to get a decent night’s sleep.
  • Helps gets rid of Anxiety – too much worrying, too many problems, and other negative emotions cause Anxiety. Too much Anxiety can cause a person to become on edge all the time, which is what we don’t like. Yoga and sound therapy when combined together will help you put your thoughts to rest. More than anything, the vibrational sounds will relax your nervous system and make way for more positive emotions in the body.
  • Helps clear out toxins – When there is too much negative emotions in the body or unhealthy eating habits, bad toxins tend to build up in the body. Yoga helps you sweat those toxins out of your body, while the sound therapy relaxes you and puts your mind at ease.
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