Bikram Yoga Benefits you should know about


Bikram yoga is a unique subset of poses developed under Bikram Choudhury that makes use of very specific details for a host of unique benefits.

Colloquially known as “Hot Yoga”- which wouldn’t exactly be accurate- Bikram yoga began in the early 1970s, remaining mostly unchanged throughout the decades. The set consists of twenty-four standardized yoga poses and two Pranayama (“breathing”) to bookend the workout. The exercise takes place in a high humidity room set to 40 degrees Celsius, done over the course of ninety minutes. It is as exhausting as it sounds, but you’ll feel much better after a good sweat.

While Bikram Yoga may seem daunting at first, the very streamlined exercises and controlled circumstances make this not only appealing but accessible for beginning yogis. It offers more noticeable benefits over more relaxed yoga schools because of its intensive nature, though these are by no means exclusive to Hot Yoga: The effects are merely more pronounced post-workout.

Bikram Yoga Benefits you should know about
Bikram Yoga Benefits you should know about

Bikram Yoga: Sweat it out

The high humidity and temperature- which goes beyond our own body’s regulating temperature- naturally escalates our likeliness of sweating. This becomes a certainty after the first few poses. The human body has a large capacity of sweat, and you will get a lot more familiar with the extent after your first work out.

Fortunately, sweating is good. Sweating flushes the body of cholesterol, salt, and even alcohol. It clears plugged pores and detoxifies your body.  And even with only two breathing exercises, all this sweating and breathing greatly helps with lung capacity,

Caution is advised, however. Sweating is nice and all, but yoga is not about extremism. If you feel unwell in any way, don’t hesitate to take a breather. If you need water, find a bottle immediately. Heat intolerance is a very real concern in workouts as intensive as this.

Bikram Yoga: All systems green

It boosts your Cardiovascular Systems. If you’ve done this workout before, you’ve probably felt the difference, with muscles seeming looser and heart hammering at your chest. This helps immensely, especially for those stuck in desk jobs or other avenues of work with minimal opportunities for exercise.

It also immensely aids the Lymphatic System, which can be best summarized as the drainage system of the body. It circulates by muscle contractions, which we’ll certainly be doing a lot of. All that extra stretching will also greatly improve flexibility, and with such comes more ease with positioning and other sects of the trade being accessible.

Bikram Yoga Benefits you should know about
Bikram Yoga Benefits you should know about

Bikram Yoga: Trim the fat

This is probably the most noticeable benefit that separates it from other styles. The hot environment and long, sustained sequence of poses really help with weight loss. For the same reason, Bikram yoga’s slew of benefits is mostly physical in nature: strength training, endurance, flexibility, etc. 

This school of yoga offers the most physically intensive focus and is surprisingly feasible for beginners due to the strict flow that addresses specific concerns that need only be followed consistently.

Care should always be taken with exercising, but the importance should be reinforced here. Common sense should take precedence over sheer determination, and exhaustion is normal for not only beginners. Just enjoy your workout and take care of yourself.

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