Best Yoga Breathing Exercises


Yoga breathing or pranayama is the foundation of yoga. A lot of the routines are in sync with how you breathe. Breathing is essential to pace your mind and body. It is often used to calm down oneself. It is necessary to be familiar with yoga breathing exercises.

Beyond that, there are different difficulty levels in terms of the breathing exercises. It is important to be knowledgeable about how to properly do each exercise for it to be effective. Here are the different yoga breathing exercises you could try.

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Lion’s Breath

Best Yoga Breathing Exercises
Best Yoga Breathing Exercises

The Lion’s Breath is a playful exercise. It is ideal for kids. The first step is to inhale deeply through your nose while leaning your head back. The next step is to exhale through your mouth. Your mouth must be wide open and your tongue should be sticking out. Eject the air in one sharp release.

Try inhaling while raising your arms out. When you exhale, form a cactus formation with your arms. The involvement of arm movement will accentuate the relieving effects of this breathing exercise. It is a perfect segment to end a stressful week.

Breath of Fire

Best Yoga Breathing Exercises
Best Yoga Breathing Exercises

This breathing exercise is used in Bikram classes. The intention of this is to warm up your body, as what its name implies. It is used to warm up the abdominal muscles and other muscles. This is typically used by people undergoing detox.

The first step is to sit tall. Then, gently inhale air through your nostrils. Exhale through your nose with vigorous pumps. During these pumping motions, repeatedly pull in your navel and belly. Pace your inhales and exhales to make them even.

Three Part Breathing

Best Yoga Breathing Exercises
Best Yoga Breathing Exercises

The Three Part Breathing exercise aims to calm your mind and soul. It also aims to soothe your muscles. This is perfect for individuals with stress, insomnia, anxiety, and other mentally exhausting situations.

The first step is to place one hand on your upper chest area. Place your other hand over your navel. Inhale through your nostrils. Allow the air to fill your upper chest, then your upper abdomen, then finally your belly. Slowly release the air in a reversed order: from your belly, your upper abdomen, then your upper chest.

Bellows Breath

Best Yoga Breathing Exercises
Best Yoga Breathing Exercises

This is a wonderful exercise to wake your body and mind up. It is a perfect start to a power yoga session upon waking up. You can also perform this in the middle of a lecture or a meeting to jostle your brain into attentiveness.

The first step is to raise your arms to the sky. Make sure that your palms are open and your fingers are splayed out. Gently inhale through your mouth. Exhale in one, sharp movement. Every time you exhale, pull in your elbows towards the sides of your body and bellow out a “HA” sound from your lower diaphragm. Don’t hesitate to be as loud as you can!

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