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Best Yoga Applications for Home Users

With so many great yoga spots around the world, the allure of travel can be pretty darn enticing. Unfortunately, that won’t be available for most aspiring yogis, who more often than not simply squeeze time into their busy schedules.

To make the learning process easier, multiple applications have been made available, tailoring to a huge spectrum of potential needs for the growing market.  If you like many others do not have time to sneak in a session or two at home or at a studio, these apps will make everything easier to accomplish. Take a look at these and see which fits you the best:

Best Yoga Applications for Home Users
Best Yoga Applications for Home Users

Yoga Studio

With a huge degree of workout options available, it appeals to the more experienced yogis on the lookout for specific sets to address issues to target, such as back pain, flexibility enhancement, etc., to creature comforts like background music and scheduling in-app. Personalized regiments are also available for customization. Though the app does assume the user has rudimentary knowledge of the poses and positions in yoga, the videos and their quality more than suffice to overcome the disparity.

FitStar Yoga

What makes this app good is that it takes user feedback into account for further workouts, along with a respectable range of common yoga block sets. What makes this great is it’s integration into social media networks, giving it a huge edge into community building.

Down Dog

If you want to try something new every time, give this app a go! With great background music, clear spoken instructions, and different routines every session, you’re bound to discover something new.

With this application, the app also features a pose library, which differentiates itself from its competition. It’s impressive, because it features in depth video instructions for each of those poses mentioned and with a lot of good alignment for those beginners who are just about to get the hang of things.  All videos are featured with yoga teacher Adrienne Kimberly, and are also available on YouTube with links from the application.

Best Yoga Applications for Home Users
Best Yoga Applications for Home Users

Simply Yoga (Two Ferns Yoga)

This one makes the list for it’s distinct earning scheme (in-app purchases as opposed to subscription-based systems) and its humorous illustrations of potted plants performing poses.

It’s available for free download with any in app purchase. Given the name, it’s not going to be a surprise to find a simple interface when you open it up for the first time. You can try the poses out for free, which includes access to three level one beginner poses. That’s about it for the free version, however, if you would like to up your game a little, the paid version gets you level two sequences with the privilege to customize your own series.

Although this app also comes with a voice over narration, the instructions are pretty decent but the flow is a bit weak. It’s more like a sequence of separate poses than a factual flow.

Universal Breathing Pranayama

For beginners wanting to try new things, mothers in their third trimester, and pretty much anyone who wants to breath better comes this app. Universal Breathing Pranayama, as the title indicates, prioritizes the deep breathing and meditation end of the spectrum, which allows it to be used pretty much anywhere if you’ve got a few minutes to kill.

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