Baby Yoga: Why is it important for you to make use of it?

Baby yoga! Yay! It’s an (x)! Congratulations, dear new mother. We hope you’re enjoying the new light in your life, as it can be very, very, very exhausting to look after the little burping, pooping gremlins. That last sentence was a gross understatement, admittedly.

Don’t worry. You can handle this. You’ve gotten through nine months without coffee, sushi, and alcohol, which is an achievement in itself. Post-childbirth, you’ve probably discovered things aren’t all the same as they were. Some atrophy is to be expected, as are stretch marks, but we’ve got you covered. Let’s get you back to the road to recovery- and you get to bring along your little munchkin too! Onto the world of Baby Yoga…

Yes, you’ve heard that right. Baby Yoga. Mommy-and-child-between-0-to-2-years-old partner yoga, and it is as fun as it sounds, but did you know it has a whole heap of health and developmental benefits for both of you? Don’t worry- we’ll fill you in.

Benefits of Baby Yoga: Poke the tot

Something about holding onto babies is strangely comforting. They’re just so soft and smooth, with hair as thick as eyelashes and little hands meant to fit in those tiny, little mittens. It’s fun to stroke their foreheads gently as you cuddle them to sleep.

It’s also desirable for the babies. Skin-to-skin contact is particularly comforting for new-borns, and they’re likely to respond with that twitching little grasp that has bystanders squeeing at the scene.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a very popular iteration of baby yoga that focuses primarily on the baby’s development, enhancing their muscle tone, and all-in-all making it fun for them.

Benefits of Baby Yoga: Recovery training

Pregnancy leads to a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Some are intuitive, like difficulty pooping or laugh-peeing because the bump starts pushing against places. Others, like feet expansion and joint pain, are a lot less immediately understandable. Some are amazing, like a new organ (“placenta”) suddenly developing. Pretty much every change is exhausting, and the nine-month wait can lead to a lot of muscle atrophy.

Postpartum yoga exercises are very important for mothers, and sites like Baby Om are godsends for recovering lost muscle mass while helping the baby enjoy and develop at a comfortable pace. These workouts range from Therapeutics to Kegels and remain easy and relaxing even at the challenging beginning recovery.

Baby Yoga: Why is it important for you to make use of it?
Baby Yoga: Why is it important for you to make use of it?

Benefits of Baby Yoga: Stress relief

It’s just you, your tot, and a mat. The exercises aren’t nearly as extreme as other yoga variants, and you’re surrounded by like-minded mommies. It’s just a good time in general, and when you’re looking your baby in the eye as they smile their toothless grin, you’ll know you’ve made a good decision.

If your baby isn’t in the mood for it, that’s perfectly fine. There is no pressure in joining the activity, and you’re welcome to nurse and cuddle your infant until they begin feeling willing to join up.

In fact, babies just help with the stress that in general. If mom isn’t feeling it, why not have dada come over for the day? Stress relief is a mainstay in adulting, and while they didn’t have to give birth they did deal with the caregiving, mood swings, and weird cravings. New faces are always welcome, and cuddling babies help no matter which parent does the cuddling.

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