Ashtanga Yoga Is More Comfortable With Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad -

Ashtanga Yoga Is More Comfortable With Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad

Ashtanga Yoga Is More Comfortable With Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad

What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional and extremely old form of yoga that can be found in the “Yoga Korunta” which was compiled by Vamana Rishi and constitutes of a series of poses under various groups of the asanas. Literally speaking, the term “ashtanga” means eight limbs. The Ashtanga yoga, thus, means “eight-limbed yoga”. While this sounds impractical, the eight limbs are said to refer to the eight spiritual practices, which are, Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. In English, these translate to, moral codes, study, and self-purification, posture, breath control, sensory control, concentration, meditation, and disintegrating into the universe, respectively.

Ashtanga Yoga is said to be perfect for beginners. However, the fixed set of asanas involve the rapid movement of the various parts of the body, which demands complete concentration on the breathing. The yoga is heavily focused on breathing and the natural movement of the body and requires the person to take his/her mind of all other issues. Needless to mention, while this yoga is suggested for beginners, this involves extreme practice and dedication. Which is why the body massage mat yoga cushion pad must accompany you during your yoga practice.

Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad

Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad

Yoga is widely believed to be a great healer of both body and mind. While there are plenty of mystical tales associated with yoga, plunging it into the realms of mystique artform in some people’s mind, the truth remains that yoga is a wonderful way to control the various parts of the body and its functions. However, regular and proper yoga practice is one of the finest means to ensure that your vital operations within your body are maintained at healthy level and thereby aiding the natural healing process of the body. This is the reason, that, even doctors are recommending yoga sessions to relieve oneself of stress, fatigue, and other related issues, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, and others. Now, being the mere mortals that we are, it is essential that we take care of the comfort while performing yoga. The body massage mat yoga cushion pad helps in doing just that.


  • Available sizes: 37.5cm X 33.6cm / 66.5cm X 41.5cm / 38cm X 14cm X 11cm / 33cm X 36.5cm / 20cm X 29.5cm
  • Made of lightweight and durable material
  • Separate mats for separate parts of the body
  • Acupressure protrusions attached

What I Liked (Pros)

  • The first thing that came to my notice are the various types of mats meant for various parts of the body. Depending upon the yoga, they can be used accordingly.
  • The attached acupressure points are great for those who are suffering due to pain. Even if a person isn’t, these pressure points will improve blood circulation, thereby helping in pain relief and with better health.

What I Did Not Like (Cons)

  • There is no mat for the entire body, which makes it difficult for those who follow a long yoga regime that needs the entire body to function as one.


The yoga mats are great in a way, even with the con, and it give some of the most stunning photographs.

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