Add To Your Mental Health By Practicing Yoga

Add To Your Mental Health By Practicing Yoga

It is a fact that physical activity is important for mental health. Working out regularly keeps you fit and active and improves your mental health. There are different ways to include some kind of physical activity into your routine.  Walking, practicing Yoga, running is a few examples of physical activity.  

Yoga has various health benefits.  The most important of all is mental health, a busy schedule calls for a healthy mind. Yoga has been in practice from ages.

What Is Yoga?

It is an ancient art originated from India. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. Yoga is a science because they help in controlling the mind and body. But yoga must be practiced only after taking proper training. People often associate yoga with asanas that build strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga can increase your strength, concentration, and flexibility.

Add To Your Mental Health By Practicing Yoga
Add To Your Mental Health By Practicing Yoga

Why Yoga Is Beneficial For Your Brain?

Studies have revealed that yoga practice has resulted in improved brain function. Practicing yoga regularly can increase mental processing capacity. Any kind of physical activity will have an effect on your mood; you are likely to be happier and calm post work out. Psychiatrist recommends yoga as an alternative medicine for mental issues.

Present lifestyle has resulted in mental health issues like stress, anxiety depression and etc. Stress can lead to stiffness and tension in the muscles. Since yoga involves stretching and maintaining postures it helps in relaxing muscle stiffness.

Pranayama a part of Hatha Yoga is highly practiced. It involves deep inhaling and exhaling which purify the blood and calms the mind.

Personal thoughts have a great effect on your decision-making process. Yoga is proven to keep us grounded with our body, and help control our mind. Yoga keeps negative thoughts at the check and promotes good mood, behavior, and mindfulness.

Add To Your Mental Health By Practicing Yoga
Add To Your Mental Health By Practicing Yoga

Further, yoga increase GABA is a chemical present in the brain that regulates nerve activity. People suffering from a mental disorder like anxiety have low GABA level. This can be improved by practicing yoga regularly.

For a mind to relax at nerve and cellular level you need to experience a state of calm and deep rest. Mind and body practice like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation helps to achieve this. Practicing yoga has lead to an improvement in overall health.

Yoga And Mindfulness

One other mental health benefit from practicing yoga is mindfulness. Mindfulness means focusing in present and being connected with oneself.  In addition to this doing yoga will improve brain function. Certain postures in yoga stimulate nervous system thereby improving focus.  Practicing yoga will improve self – esteem which is very important on personal level.

Though practicing yoga is safe, but it is not for everyone. Elder people and those suffering from mobility problem should first check with doctors before practicing it. This is because yoga requires you to stretch your muscles and hold postures that can be strenuous. in spite of this, it can be said that doing yoga is low risk and has improved mental health.

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