A Beginners Guide to Hot Yoga

Bikram yoga or hot yoga in simple term can be very intense for beginners who have no clue about yoga in general.  If you are not used to being inside a room that is set to a colossal 105ºF, odds are that you would presumably be the first one to turn down going to a class.

The possibility of being around outsiders who are seemingly more experienced or progressively flexible than you are begins to send freeze chills down your spine, since you are too frightened that you may break a bone or break your neck throughout the process. However, when you begin to overcome the crushing heat, hot yoga can sincerely give you the best exercise of your life. Before you abandon the thought of attempting to try a class or two, Here are a few things you should know before deciding to give it a shot for the first time:

A Beginners Guide to Hot Yoga
A Beginners guide to Hot Yoga
  • Be mindful of the ambiance – Before experimenting with the class for the first time, try attending a class with someone you can trust to make slip-ups with, like a companion or a relative. There are some hot yoga classes that will let learners try the heat for the first time just so they can get used to the drastic change in temperature.

At first it might appear slightly uncomfortable that you have to sit in a room filled with strangers, especially in a room with a temperature like the Sahara desert. It wont be the best experience of your life, but on the off chance that you try to sit quiet for a while and try to get used to idea of the heat, you’ll start to notice that it can actually be pretty calming.

Just imagine yourself entering a sauna, it’s close to the same thing, only everyone around you won’t be covered in a towel. Also, if you are the claustrophobic type, it is better that you give this class a test run first, because the temperature can really affect your breathing. Make sure to consult with doctors first before giving this a go.

  • Bring the appropriate gear – Unlike other forms or types of yoga, Bikram requires a little more effort and gear as compared to the normal. It’s recommended that you bring your own stuff like: towels, yoga mats, and of course a huge bottle of water in case you start to get dehydrated during class.

Although there will be mats available at the gym, it’s not always the best option to go with as it could get un-hygienic. When it comes to any yoga class, it’s best that you bring your own gear since you will be sweating profusely throughout the class.

  • Wear the right clothing – Just like bringing your own gear, it is also recommended that you wear the right clothing. Specifically clothes with “sweat resistant” material. Try to avoid wearing anything that is too baggy, or anything that is made out of cotton, for the simple reason that cotton will make you feel heavier. Cotton can also trap most of your sweat to your clothes, which will make it harder for you to move.

In any yoga class especially hot yoga, light clothing is better, because you will be stretching throughout the class. It’s also a good idea to try training bras, cycling shorts, basically anything that does not restrict you from moving freely.

Another good option would be to wear tank tops or shorts that are made out of flexible and breathable material, so that it won’t prevent you from lifting your legs and shoulders, which is going to be a regular thing not just with hot yoga, but with all other types of yoga.