9 Wonderful Ways to Stay In Love with Yoga


“YOGA IS THE JOURNEY OF THE SELF THROUGH THE SELF TO THE SELF.” Currently, humanity concentrates on finding things outside. But it is also important for every individual to explore what is present inside to lead a peaceful and meaningful life. This can be effectively acquired only by practicing Yoga.It has a 5000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy. It promotes improved control of the mind and body and enhances well-being. People with sound knowledge of Yoga will realize that it is less about fitness but more about mental focus and expanding spiritual energy.There are many ways which make you to stay in love with yoga.

 Most of the physical postures practiced in Yoga (known as ‘Asanas’) symbolize the posture of animals. For example, the stress-relieving ‘Simhasana’ exactly resembles a lion pose. Also, the hand-balancing ‘Mayurasana’ assumes a peacock-like posture. Practicing these asanas will help in the overall physical and mental development of a person.

The self-analysis of each human in this world is very important. Once a person achieves this through Yoga, he/she does not need motivation at all. The essence of self-love will turn into everyday motivation for such people. They also tend to share their wonderful experiences with the people around them, leading to an unfaltering society.

But, it is necessary to know that achieving such a mindstate is not a piece of cake. One must follow certain ways to stay in love with Yoga. Some of them are:

9 Wonderful Ways to Stay In Love with Yoga

9 Wonderful Ways to Stay In Love with Yoga
9 Wonderful Ways to Stay In Love with Yoga

1. Practice regularly- Have you heard about the 21/90 rule? It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. So if you practice Yoga for 21 days continuously, it will turn into a habit. This rule will be helpful for beginners to stay in love with Yoga.

2. To have a vast knowledge about the benefits of Yoga- An individual needs to know how Yoga is going to change and benefit one’s body. When you know the pros of something you are doing, you tend to do it more.

3. To have a gradual start with the practice of postures- Don’t go hard on yourself, start with simple postures, and gradually increase the difficulty level to keep yourself engaged.

4. Listen to specialized yogis- When you listen to specialized yogis, you discover fun facts about it, which in turn motivates you.

5. Realize the effects of everyday practice- You need to realize that change is a slow and continuous process. Everyday practice will lead to visible results.

Some More Ways

9 Wonderful Ways To Stay In Love With Yoga
9 Wonderful Ways To Stay In Love With Yoga

6. Create a space- Allot Yoga, a clean little space in your home with potted plants around. This will keep you motivated and good energy flowing.

7. Join local yoga classes- Joining yoga classes or finding a yoga community will keep you engaged. According to a study, people do more of something when they join the classes for the same rather than practicing it alone at home.

8. Keep taking up challenges-Challenge yourself, but do not try to touch your limits as you might end up feeling demotivated when you are not able to do it.

9. Attend yoga events- Attending yoga events and seeing other people doing it with such passion will keep you motivated. Nowadays, yoga holidays are all over the internet. It is a fun thing to do.

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