8 Poses To Prep You For Hanumanasana

Hanumanasana or Monkey Pose is a challenging posture. It requires great flexibility in the hip flexors and the hamstrings. This pose is also considered a dream posture by several yoga practitioners. If you want to master this pose, you can practice 8 poses to prep up your body for the Money Pose. But before starting with these poses, you must warm up the body by practicing Sun Salutations. Coming to the eight poses, they are as under:

8 Poses To Prep You For Hanumanasana

8 Poses To Prep You For Hanumanasana

8 Poses To Prep: Janu Sirasana

Extend your legs and bend the left knees while bringing the left foot sole to the internal part of the right thigh. Flex the right foot while sitting up tall. It will move the hamstrings. Now rotate the torso while aligning the belly button with the right thigh. Stay in this position and take deep breaths.

8 Poses To Prep: Paschimottanasana

It is a very intense stretch aimed towards stretching the hamstrings in the legs. Flex both your feet for energizing the legs while engaging the hamstrings. Try sweeping the arms up until your overhead and hinge forward from your hips for reaching the feet. Instead of having your focus on bringing your forehead to your shins, try pulling the chest forward for lengthening the spine. Stay in this position for five to ten breaths.


Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge is an active front-body stretch targeting your hip flexors. Start with the downward-facing dog pose while stepping the right foot between the hands. Try lowering the back knee on the ground while untucking the toes. Get both your hands on top of the right thigh and start bending into your front leg. Make sure that your torso is in an upright position for stretching your hip flexors effectively. Practice this pose for at least five breaths.

Twisted Money

Get in the downward-facing dog pose and step your right foot outside your right hand while lowering your back knee. Lift your back foot in such a way that the toes point upwards. Get your right arm at the back, and try grabbing the edge of your lifted foot. Now pull your foot towards your body for stretching the quadriceps. Now start rolling the exterior perimeter of your front foot while allowing your knee to the side. Stay in this position for five breaths before releasing the back foot slowly.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

It is an effective pose that opens up the hip by stretching the hip flexors. Start by getting your knees and hands in a tabletop position. Tuck your toes on the left foot and start extending your left leg back. Low your pelvis and sit upright to stretch your hip flexors effectively. Remain in this position for at least ten breaths.

8 Poses To Prep You For Hanumanasana

8 Poses To Prep You For Hanumanasana

Ardha Hanumasaana

Low the back knee on the ground while drawing your hips back. Straighten your right leg while aligning your left hip over your left knee. Flexing your right foot will energize your leg. You should have your focus on getting your chest forward instead of bringing the forehead to the shin.

8 Poses To Prep – Splitting With Blocks

Start with half split whole extending the back leg slowly. Sitting up tall will help you in stretching your hip flexors effectively. Use blocks under your hip to support the body. Breathe deeply and stay in this position for five to ten breaths.


Once you find your body is fully prepared for the Money Pose, you will find mastering the pose with great ease.

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