10 Minutes Yoga To Jumpstart Your Work Day


10 minutes yoga before you kick-start your day, every day, can get you immense benefits. It not only powers up your body and mind but also makes you more alert and focused. You should try to squeeze only 10 minutes every morning before you rush for office or work. You don’t need to go to a yoga class or have a separate room for yoga. These poses can be performed right in your bedroom. All you need is a yoga mat. These 10 minutes of yoga exercises will grant you flexibility, stability, and concentration to go on with your day.

10 Minutes Yoga To Jumpstart Your Work Day
10 Minutes Yoga To Jumpstart Your Work Day

10 Minutes Yoga Poses

Child’s Pose

  • Kneel down and then slowly stretch your upper body forward on the ground.
  • Slowly walk your hands in the front until your forehead touches the floor.
  • Deep breathe in this pose for a few seconds and then get back to normal position.
  • This pose stretches your back, upper body and also helps you calm your mind.
10 Minutes Yoga To Jumpstart Your Work Day
10 Minutes Yoga To Jumpstart Your Work Day


  • From your Child’s pose, get into a tabletop position, with your shoulders placed over your wrists and your hips over your knees, i.e, get on all fours like an animal.
  • Put equal weight on all four limbs and relax your core.
  • Lengthen your spine and look down between your hands.
  • This pose helps you lengthen and stretch your spine and back.

Cat Pose

  • From a tabletop pose, press your hands, bring them towards your knees slightly, such that you round your upper back. Your pose should look like a string is tied in the middle of your back and pulling you upwards.
  • Drop your head towards your chest and tuck in your chin also to the chest. Bring your belly towards your spine and breathe for a few seconds.
  • This pose relaxes your mind and powers up your limbs.

Cow Pose

  • Now lower the belly from the cat pose and lift your chest.
  • Press your palms firmly on the ground and broaden your shoulders. Look up and hollow your back.
  • Drop your shoulders from your ears.
  • You can alternate between cat and cow pose for a few breaths.

Downward Facing Dog

  • Now get into a downward-facing dog pose from a cow pose.
  • Walk your hands forward, curl your toes and lift your hips.
  • Look down as you arch your hips outwards.
  • Bend your legs a bit and touch your heels on the ground.
  • Press your palms firmly on the ground and lift your hips up and backward.
  • Hold on to this pose for a few seconds and deep breathe.

Forward Fold

  • Lastly, get into a forward fold pose from a downward-facing dog pose.
  • Slowly get your feet to your hands, while keeping them shoulder-distance apart.
  • Bend your knees a little and lower your head towards the floor. Ensure that your belly reaches your thighs. Your hands should be able to reach the ground easily.

Performing 10 minutes of yoga with these poses can prepare you for a hectic day ahead. These poses can recharge your body, fuel up your brain and also calm your mind.

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